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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Good Morning Quilters!

While you don’t see much happening at the I Have a Notion store, there is so much going…. I don’t know where to begin to tell you about it and I am more than sure you don't really want to hear about it. I have been on the Internet for a long time, but mostly from the finished front side (stores and blogs and information pages) but have never found the need to spend much time on the backside. What an education!!!

In addition, while attempting to scale the mountain of things I don’t know I have been visiting with a dentist. I have had so many experiences with dentist that were not so favorable, that I now go over the edge with anxiety, that it takes a day or two to get my equilibrium back. I will have a few more visits over the next year…. You know those pesky fillings from our childhood… I have a few that need to be replaced.

Speaking of Childhood, here in my neck of Kentucky the kids are back in school already. I grew up in California, and Labor Day was the marker that summer was over and we had to buckle down inside for the next 9 or so months (we never had snow days or conversely we didn't have any “too much sun” days either!!!)

I have a quilt that I titled "Childhood Memories". For me it depicts the freedom and wide open spaces of being a child in the summer.
Childhood Memories

I made it for a Guild Challenge in 2015. The challenge issued was to use the pinwheel block (already constructed by the challenge committee) on the front of the quilt, and we were not allowed to alter it. I knew the minute I saw it, that I wanted it to be a 3 dimensional “Pinwheel” that turned on my quilt like the little ones we had as children on a stick. As a child I saw them as pointless and requiring too much work to make them spin (running) if there wasn’t a strong breeze blowing. 

So what marks the end of summer for you? I am always interested to hear other perspectives… especially if you live where it is different than where I have lived.

Thanks for stopping by and checking in, as always More Later!!!



  1. I love that quilt....what a warm and wonderful feeling...running with a pinwheel. I loved pinwheels as a child and still recall the first time I was taught to make one with paper. To me it was like being rich because I could go home and make as many as I wanted...LOL You are such a great quilter and this one is beautiful.
    I think cool breezes and sweatshirts mark the end of summer in my experiences.

    1. Thanks 2 cents!!! I really appreciate the 'rich' feeling when you were shown how to make your own magic! In California, sweatshirts were winter wear!

  2. Your little quilt is so adorable - and so fun. For me it's when it is too cold to jump in the pool.

    1. Thank you... that quilt isn't quite so little about 20 x 30. No pool would just be something else I have to take care of!!!

  3. The end of summer is ushered in for me by twilight and darkness coming earlier and earlier.
    I always wanted pinwheels as a child, but then would put them away and not play with them. I think I was afraid that someone would take it away if I was outside with it.

    1. Now that I live in the mid west.... the shorter days and earlier darkness seem more marked than I remember as a kid. Just think now you can have all the pinwheels you want!!! in the garden and in your quilts.

  4. What an amazing quilt!!! Reminds me of my own summers eons ago...

  5. Thank you Denise!!! Yeah those summers for me were eons ago too. Age.... does change our perspectives.... a little!

  6. I totally love your quilt certainly does remind me of the carefree days of childhood. It seems that these kids today don't get much of a summer vacation but who am I to say, I need the government to tell me what to think (sorry, being sarcastic).... I hope you are doing good...I hate the dentist as well....

  7. Thanks Barb.... that little girl running make me smile... at least twice a day, as she is hanging at the top of the stairs. Um.... the government, nuff said!!! I am well if not facing the age old problem of 'not enough hours in a day!'


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