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Sunday, January 28, 2018


Do you ever find that you have lost focus in your creative endeavors. Not just falling out of love with a project, but forgetting that you even have it in the works. Not only that but the project is sitting right out in the open, on the table, -


I just did that the other night. Sometimes I have difficulty finding the order of projects after completing an unforeseen or unplanned project or obligation and when coming back to the Creative Space feel lost. I spent an hour piddling about… with a little hand work on an old quilt top, that was not really on the list ‘get done immediately’ projects.

I had been working on getting this 20180121_123636

little thing done…

but was sidelined once because I hadn’t totally thought the project through and then I had those “Guild Chores” or Meeting Preparation things to move off the table, which totally drew all my focus from the creative fun stuff.

Do you find you are diverted from your focus, and find yourself doing nothing?

More Later! – Beth


  1. That is why my tree on my elephant quilt isn't thread painted. When I finally got back to the project, I didn't bother to 'look' at it closely, to see what still needed t be done, but, just jumped in. Oh well.

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  3. I have been trying to get back into the swing of things after getting derailed last May! My daughter and her family are staying with me until we get a manufactured home placed on my other parcel for them to live in. In the meantime, my sewing room has become the dining, family gathering, mail and package drop off place in my home. Talk about distractions! (After April, this should all be settled with them in their new home! Let's hope!!!)


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More Later-Beth


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