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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Bit About Fusible Products

20180121_123636Before I hurt my hand I was working on this bright little quilt.

Each of the little stacks of hearts illustrate a brand/type of fusible and how well they stack up, stick and feel. This is designed for touching, to feel the layers and the suppleness or the stiffness of the layers of each of the stacks of fused hearts.

(I think the pictures will enlarge if you click on them)


Another thing that nice to know is how the edges hold up after fusing and stitching. Some fusible products are much better at holding the fabric edges down than others. Here I used an open narrow zigzag stitch to finish the edges of each heart.

Over the years I have used many different fusible products... about 200 yards so far. I like having a selection on hand to use, depending on the project. Sometimes I need to have some real stick and others need a light stick just to keep in place until I stitch it down. Sometimes you do not want to trace a thousand leaves... and would be happy if you could just print out a paper backed fusible with all your leaves traced and ready to be fused to the fabric.

Some fusible products stick… so well that the glue becomes part of both fabrics and taking them apart…. will never happen, while some others depending of the fabric treatments, you may be able to peel a fused piece off and reposition. Still others allow you to create your design pieces and they will have a ‘temporary’ sticky feature that allows you to play with placement before making it permanent with heat. Another downside to some fusible products is that the glue may maybe so heat sensitive that too much ruins the stick or there is so much glue that the layers of fabrics become stiff that they are nearly impossible to stitch through by machine or they will transfer the glue to the needle causing additional problems.Fused-Hearts

The hearts hanging on the side are to show how a fusible product looks on the back of the fabric, minus a backing so you can see how each the fusible feels and looks after fusing to the first fabric.

After sharing this with a guild I have been asked to expand this into a talk on various fusible products and characteristics.

Do you use fusible products in your creative process? Which one is you favorite? Do have one that has disappointed you?

More Later- Beth


  1. I would love to read your conclusions on these products. I'm wary of raw edge appliqué because I worry about the fusibles and don't have enough experience with different brands and don't want to be disappointed with the appearance of a quilt I've spent a fair bit of time/money on--even if it wasn't turn-edge appliqué, time and creativity still went into the project.

    1. Hi Beth!!!

      The fusible I like depends on the project.... and what the quilt will be used for... kitchen, wall, bed or dog!!! I have made many pieces that are raw edge applique, but I always stitch the edge down. Stitch choice is also a matter of preference, (I like a small open zigzag) but others like either decorative or buttonhole. Some products I like because they are flexible even after several layers whereas other are stiff from the first layer... I plan to talk more about the fusibles and results... just as soon as I get my outline done. Timetable? I'll have to stop laughing... in order make a plan.

      My go to.... product... for the most part is Pellon Wonder Under (805) and I try to keep it to 3 layers or less. I have the others on hand for when I need something else. Select a design, nothing to complicated and play with the fusible of your choice, fabrics and thread!!!

      Go Play,

  2. Steam a Seam lite is what I have the most of. I don't like a heavy feel to what I use. I like it light.

  3. Cheryl,

    I have some Steam a Seam Lite as well.... it is the purple heart... Not my most favorite....especially if I am stacking lots of fused pieces... Tends to get stiff and thick. What I dislike the most is the difficulty in determining which side to trace on. More than once I have found that I picked wrong!!! I don't know why they can't make it with one paper slightly colored or a line on it so you don't have to play the guessing game every single time!!!



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More Later-Beth


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