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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pupdate- Goldie

So what is new in Goldie's world.


Quick snap… of Goldie 7 months!!!


We think she is on the mend!

After the last test for Giardia came back positive I whisked her off to a visit with specialist. Required a drive up to Louisville with Goldie. Due to miscommunication, it required a second trip the next day to deliver a sample.

Took about a week to get the full panel of results back.

But we got an answer.

Her lower GI track was compromised. She had Cryptosporidium and Clostridium Difficile (C-diff). Poor girl. Both were causing her problems.

So a bag of Hydrolyzed dog food (to also rule out a food allergy) another script of Panacur and a script of an antibiotic, (fortunately sprinkled over food but needed to be dosed every 8 hours). We saw some immediate improvements.

Good NEWS!

She has been gaining weight and growing, now that she can absorb some nutrients. We send in another sample… and hopefully we will be done…. but will have to keep her on a tight lead until we can use some bleach in the yard. C-diff stays in the environment for a very long time.

Where did she pick it up? I suspect at the vets office when we went in for her regular course of vaccinations or for the Giardia. She had not left the house or yard since we brought her home. I feel strongly about taking puppies out before they are fully vaccinated and it was just too darn cold to go outside. Too easy to pick something up…. and she did!!!

More Later! Beth


  1. Goldie is looking absolutely gorgeous! I'm do glad that you all found what was ailing her and that she is now on the mend! I would not let my GSD pup anywhere until she was fully vaccinated. It's too scary out there to risk our beloved pups lives!
    She's looking great!

    1. Claudia!! Thank you! We are so happy to have her on the mend and she feels better too. Not only is it scary it is costly!!!

  2. It's so easy for our fur babies to pick things up and most times we never know where it was picked up. Glad to hear she's on the mend. My brother just picked up his German Shepard and he's going to be a big dog but they are good looking dogs.

    1. Jackie, Yes diligence is our job. Goldie hasn't been anywhere!!! at all except the vet. We had planned to send her to doggie daycare (because of the weather here) to socialize with other dogs... but not until we clear this up. She will be an old maid... by then! GSDs are big dogs.

  3. I've known people with C-diff, and it's hard to treat. Be careful, and don't get it yourself. Easy to spread. When we go for walks, I won't ever let our dogs sniff where other dogs have done their business. I'm very careful about that. Easy with the little dog (she rides in a stroller since she has bad knees) but harder with the large dog.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      I am almost certain that she picked it up at the vets office and since shew was already compromised.... it stuck fast! I have to take the other dog in this afternoon and will discuss with the DR... my theory is that they need to change their sanitizing procedures.



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