Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Alex Anderson Alert!!!!

OK ladies....it is true....there is only seven degrees of separation between people. I wrote a post about anyone knowing Alex Anderson. Someone apparently does and she stopped by my blog and left a comment today.

Lets hear it for Alex!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Check out the comments on my post today.

Thanks Alex.....how wonderful for you to take your time and leave a comment. By the way, I think you are beautiful in person and on TV. You seem sincere and real .....which are very high on my list of values.

Smiles....Big Smiles,


Thank you for reading the IHAN Blog. I read every comment that is left here however I will not be responding to all coments for giveaways. There are times when I am juggling many tasks at one time and may not reply to all comments. Please e-mail me at IHaveANotion@yahoo.com if you need a reply quickly. I thank you for your understanding.

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