Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Zillion Uses for WD40

(Edited 7/24/09) See Bold type below.

I received several e-mails asking how I knew what to use to get the red crayon out. To be honest, I really didn't know what to use exactly. I did have the De-Solv-It in the laundry room. I've used it for lots of things before. Then I just remembered WD40 has a Zillion (yes I'm you think someone can count to a zillion?) uses so I just gave it a try. I didn't have much to loose at that point....other than my sanity and that was already long gone!!!

This is only a partial list. Click here for more.

•Prevents rust on tripods
•Removes gaff tape
•Removes old cellophane tape
•Removes ink from blue jeans
Keeps sewing needles from rusting
•Cleans metal figurines
•Cleans piano keys
•Adds moisture to and preserves ivory and bone items
Shines mother-of-pearl accessories
Removes glue from carpet
•Keeps curling iron from sticking to plastic crafts
Spray sewing thread to prevent breakage
•Removes rubber cement
•Removes glue from paneling
Removes adhesives from sewing machines
•Removes stickers from guitars
Spray on hands before using heavy adhesives to prevent sticking
Removes rubber cement from clothing
Protects metal bars on glockenspiels (without google...or any other resource...does anyone know what a glockenspiel is?)
•Cleans Hemming dies
•Prevents rust on jewelry forging blocks
•Protects DJ components from rusting
•Coat electric guitar pickups to prevent rusting
•Cleans synthesizer keys
•Coat collectible metal toys before storing to prevent tarnishing and corrosion
•Removes stickers from piano keys
Protects antique toys
•Cleans potentiometers on guitar amplifier
•Cleans and protects collectible cans
•Cleans glue from antique bottles
•Cleans old coins
•Cleans microphone cables after rental
•Cleans and protects chrome on bass guitars
Removes ink from hands (Edit: Not for Kelly Jackson...see post of 7/24/09)
•Cleans electrical contacts on slot racing cars
Shines doll shoes
•Gets glue stains out of jeans
•Cleans piston valves on horns and tubas
•Keeps clay from sticking to molds during crafting
Removes play-dough from hair
•Removes stickers from Hummel figures
•Cleans antique guns
•Shines seashells
•Helps lubricate fretboard on guitars
•Keeps flight controls for model aircraft in working order
•Prevents detail from sticking to cast material in resin-kit model production
Gives a great shine to flat surfaces for stock photography
•Removes duct tape
•Helps hone stones
•Polishes seashells
Cleans ostrich eggs for craft use (Now ya know I really need WD40 for this!!!)
Gives virtual rocks a clean shine (Is this a joke? I did not write this....HONEST)
•Keeps model trains rust-free
•Drives out hard to remove debris from rock samples
•Protects HAM radio antennas from moisture
•Cleans tin-plated parts on model trains
•Keeps moisture and corrosion from building on the control cables of model airplanes
•Use the WD-40 Smart Straw to help clean frets on guitars and prevent strings from rusting
Keeps trigger on glue gun from sticking
•Lubricates needles on knitting machine
Penetrates stuck walking foot on sewing machines
•Lubricates piano lid hinges
•Lubricates air nozzle of balloon pump
•Lubricates piano leg casters
•Lubricates tuning mechanisms on graphic equalizers
•Frees up stuck keys on organ
•Lubricates gear trains on servo motors
•Lubricates bass drum and high hat pedals
•Lubricates and improves electrical contacts on model train tracks
•Lubricates antique toy trains
•Lubricates end pins on cellos
•Lubricates stuck parts on vintage 8 mm film projectors
Unsticks piano keys
•Stops knitting machines from binding
•Lubricates latches on saxophone case
•Loosens end joints on flute
•Lubricates crank motors on antique mechanical phonographs
Unsticks keys on baritone horns
•Soak clarinet joints to loosen pins for easy dis assembly
•Lubricates soap box derby wheel bearings and spindles
•Lubricates piano hammer action in pianos
•Lubricates guitar case latches
•Lubricates flute joints and screws
•Lubricates rotors on French horns
•Lubricates wheels on tuba case
•Lubricates tuba valves
•Frees stuck slides on brass instruments
•Lubricates landing gear on model airplanes
•Lubricates tuning gears on guitars
•Lubricates robot joints
Loosens arm and leg joints on porcelain dolls
•Lubricates valves on peck horns
•Lubricates model airplane linkages
•Lubricates joints of artist’s easel
Lubricates craft punches
•Lubricates "fine tuner" screw on stringed instruments
•Keeps the throttle cable on my model airplane working smoothly
Use the No-Mess Pen to lubricate the area under the hook of a sewing machine
•Makes rusty piano strings pliable again

I am so glad they did not write me and ask me to compile a list for them. I'd be very busy for a very long time. Before I finished I bet I'd be looking at lots of wrinkly Tattoos and listening to the golden oldies (Rap Music).



  1. I hope I never have to use all of the uses for WD 40, but there are a few there I should use around the house right now!

  2. Thanks so much Kelly for the list of uses! I am copying and putting it in my file :-)

  3. A glockenspiel is a musical instrument with metal plates that you tap with a small wooden hammer from memory. Thanks very much for the tips we quite often have had biro pen thru the dryer and washing machine.

  4. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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