Friday, July 31, 2009

Jackpot Scissors by Simplicity

I think I have sold over 30 pair of these scissors in the past 3 weeks (truth, no lying going on now:). I think they are some of the best scissors with sharp tips I've come across (except those made by Dovo....they are much more expensive but very spanky!!!). They are affordable and excellent for snipping small stitches, applique, unsewing and trimming threads close to your project without cutting the fabric.

I'm sure they are good for other things too....clipping your nails, stabbing an intruder, opening packages, trimming your husbands eyebrows.....but I don't recommend them for those uses unless you are desperate.

I'm not the only one who things so either. Check out this comment.

She makes the same promise I won't be disappointed. Stop by my website and see for yourself. Ok, I'll make it easy for ya....just click HERE :)



  1. OK, you've got me! I'm going to order a pair in the near future. Thanks for the heads up on a great product!

  2. I LOVE these scissors! I bought a pair from you at a show last year (Houston?? Portland??) and I use them for cutting down into V points for applique. They are the best!


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