Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Knows?

By now you all know how thrifty I am. I get a thrill out of saving money. Something great for nothing is my idea of a great day shopping. I have lots of those stories....for later.

How many of you can tell the 35.00 shirts or more from the 3.00 shirts? I bought all of these shirts on the same day. Can you tell which cost $3.00 and which were 35.00 or more? Come on now....just take a guess.

Number 1
Number 2

Number 3

Number 4
Number 5

Number 6

Tomorrow I'm hoping to post the apron and tea towels...and pot holders if I'm assured none of the girls are reading my blog.....secrets are fun :)


  1. I'd be afraid to venture a guess. But I once had a three dollar shirt that I wore, and wore, and wore. It was gorgeous. Looks like you had some great shopping finds!

  2. Wow I am not good at guessing either. You sure have some great looking tops there. I would guess that #2 and #5 are $35 shirts. But they all look so new :-)

  3. Ha, Happy Cottage guessed the same as I would have....Love those bold fabrics!

  4. They are all lovely and there's no way I could tell which ones are which. I sure wouldn't mind borrowing #2 and #6...they are really pretty!

  5. I'll just bet it's the opposite of what I think, but here goes my guess!! #2, #5 & possibly #6 look like the $35.00 shirts ...

    Promise to let us know which is which!

  6. No way to know, but I love them all!


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