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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shhhhh, can you hear that?

Me either.......soooo quite. Too quiet. Much toooooo quiet. Aaron and Zach are with Grandma and Auntie for two days. Where am I? Home with tears in my eyes missing them. Last night I missed Zach saying he needs water or listening to him talk in his sleep. I missed the fight with Aaron about going to bed. This morning....silence in the house. I actually felt like I was doing something wrong by sleeping in. "Mommy I want my waffle cut in pennies (his own creation)" and "I don't have to go to the bathroom".....all being given to Auntie and Grandma today.

This says it all.....channeling my inner Mommy!!
I am going to muster all the strength in my spirit and re-organize my sewing area and do some chores. I got some free Iris last night. They were nicely labeled in boxes last night on the roadside. How nice is that? They even went as far as to take a sharpie and write the type of Iris they are on the leaf. And as if that was not nice enough....there were printed pages on how to care for Iris. Talk about generous.....I took several.....and now they need to be planted :)
No sewing talk for now....just speeding around the house trying to get everything done before tomorrow when my monkeys return.
Tearful Smiles,


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Kelly, can I relate. It is so quiet when everyone is gone. But then I think, wow, I can get so much done. But then I am sad because there isn't anyone here to do it with. I am not going to be a very good empty nester :-(

Dena said...

The shoe was on the other foot for me. I was grandma with three of the grand kids for over a month. Talk about a change in life as we know it. I loved having them visit. Even if I didn't get anything accomplished. LOL

Alex Anderson said...

From one Mom to another - channel, channel....and trust me, the empty nest syndrome is WONDERFUL!!!! Then they are your FRIENDS

Julia said...

Enjoy the quiet moment. There are too few of them.

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