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Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Sunny Day and My First Guest Artist

This beautiful pin was created by Starr Burgess. It was made using 48 colors of sewing threads with 2 different thread colors in the punchneedle at one time. Punching and changing one of the threads at a time to vary the color. She has been an artist of many mediums for the past 40 years. Starr has done craft shows and taught many forms of art. She has done punchneedle embroidery for the past 20 years. "Punchneedle is a love that's easy for everyone to enjoy even when a person says they can't draw a straight line. In punchneedle, you don't need to draw a straight You can even take a drawing by your children and turn it into punchneedle winner!!" That is an excellent idea Starr!!

"There are many fine designers out in the market that do design punchneedle if a person is timid to draw their own images. I just get excited to see how people love the art of punching and the reward when it's finished. You can punch a design that only takes an hour or you can punch one that takes weeks....its all up to you. the main thoughts about punchneedle art work....Enjoy and Have fun Punching!!"

Thank You Starr for being the first guest Artist on my blog. Your pin is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to having a private lesson!!
To purchase punchneedle supplies just e-mail me at and I can have your supplies out the same day (usually).



  1. That is a very interesting pin, I love the idea of the beads hanging down.

  2. This is a FRESH site. Nice to see a creative mind at work. I can't wait to see who is next month's artist. Keep up the good work.

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