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Monday, May 2, 2011

How ever did this happen?

Ya ever been smacked with reality....sort of hard?  Like you look in the mirror and you don't recognize the person staring back at ya?  That's how I've been feeling lately. 

While in the shower yesterday I glanced up to the Cetaphil Pump Soap that I use on my face and it read, "it softens while it cleans."  You got to be kidding wonder I'm so damn soft everywhere....I need to switch to Teenager Soap!!!  I'm convinced it is time to switch to Just Naturals....look for yourself....those old ladies look young again :)

Seems like with technology these kids have everything....I mean everything.  There is some new technology called the Electronic Driving Coach that helps keep teenagers focused on their driving.  Great for them!!!  How about an Old Lady Living Coach that reminds me what I came into the room for?  Come on folks....I'm really tired of stuff for young people....I want something I can actually use....what about you?

As you can tell, I'm heading into the M word and I'm feeling older than I did just a year ago.  I went to the Eye Doctor and he told me my vision has not changed.  I wanted to scream into his young ear, "then why on earth does it seem like I can't see a darn thing anymore!!!"  Instead, I politely thanked him and left.  I'll fix this problem....who needs eye doctors anyway, right?

This is what I have been seeing when I turn on my sewing machine.

 NOW look what I see :)  I found myself a wonderful gadget that helps even the playing field a bit.  I love this CC all I need is a CC Smaller to place in front of the mirror!!!  Wonder if Simplicity has considered something like that? 

You can see how it attaches to my machine...and it does not get in the way of my thread or lever in the back....I put it on in less than a that certainly helps...cuz you know the M word and frustration is potential  explosion don't ya?
While watching Karen Kay Buckley's DVD I saw she had a magnifier on her Bernina.  So I priced one for myself and I learned  the CC Bigger is so much more affordable .  Now everything much easier to see (or should I say, CC?).

In the photo above you can see my Bendable Bright Light.  If you don't have one on your sewing machine and you are over 30 years old.....ya just might want to check them out.  I've never met anyone who didn't love their Bendable Bright Light

I've learned about a few other lighting gadgets and they have found their way into my daily life.

I really liked this LED lighting strip when I first saw is so bright.
Check out how bright it is.  It has a peal and stick strip on the back....but I want mine to be mobile because there are so many places I use instead of pealing off the backing....I use the sticky tack (used to put posters on kids walls).  The sticky tack (I got mine at Office Max) is inexpensive and it is soft and pliable so I can mount my light strip to almost anything. 

One of the ways I use the Light Strip with 6 Led Bulbs is to illuminate my DreamWorld sewing table ...then I use it as a light box.
Here you can see I have a piece of tracing paper and a Cub Scout Emblem that I needed to trace....I put the light strip under the table and it makes a really great light box.

This is what the light looks like under my DreamWorld sewing table.  No need to buy a light box....not when I can use what I already have.  See if those young people know about that!!!

Now, I know I've been going on and on about lights....but I've been fortunate to have been able to review the following two Beam and Read Lights.

I like to do needle turn applique and other hand stitching at night in the living room.  My problem is there is not enough bright directed light to be able to see those tiny stitches well.  I've been wearing my Beam and Read with 6 LED's quite a bit because it also comes with a clip on magnifier.  There will be more information about the Beam and Read Lights very soon.....I'm going to be hosting a Mother's Day Giveaway!!!  Oh yea baby :)

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!



  1. But if I can see everything, what can I blame the mistakes on - lol! Thanks for the review of those products :)

  2. That is my excuse and reason why I am a natural at primitive style, I can't see what I am doing, haha. I am fine with sewing, it is cross stitch that kills me. I really want to use finer linen, but can't see a thing and make a mess, so need a magnifier light that works.


  3. That sounds like a great solution for this old blind lady!

  4. I like "Stray Stitches" comment. LOL. That sounds like me.

  5. Well I am one who loves her bendable bright light. Can't live without it.
    I bought the magnifiers for my Bernina and then was told that I had to have the service tech. install them. Don't know why they didn't tell me that when I purchased them from the dealer! HA!
    I now sew on the Janome 7700 and it comes with some wonderful lights, but I still use my bendy light :D
    That magnifier looks like it would be worth trying, but seems bulky. I know you said it doesn't get in the way...I'm just sayin'...looks bulky :D

  6. Let's face it, I have been blind since 3rd grade (or maybe earlier) I got my first coke bottles-errrr....glasses, then. They help me to see at a distance, -these days they have bifocals so I can see to read. But to see really close up, I have to take them off. ARRRGH...

    Light does help though.

  7. That made me chuckle..age is a killer isn't it. I could only imagine you shouting in the youngers ear!!

  8. I'm needing MORE and MORE light all the time. I just saw my eye doctor the other day. With enuf light I was able to read down to very small letters. Doc said I was reading things I shouldn't be able to read and that my eye muscles had to be really strong and in shape. My reply was that at 60 yrs, they must be the ONLY muscles in my body that were in shape, and could they be transplanted to my stomach area?

  9. Thanks for the giggle about that 'M' word. I was always seeing an old woman with long hair wherever I went, so I've fixed that up.

    Now if only I can get rid on my beard so easily....

  10. Now Kelly. It's not nice to make women of a certain age laugh so hard - bad things happen - that's all I'll say. *snort* I think I need some new soap too, and no more hand lotion - if anything on me gets any softer, I'll melt! I LOVE the Old Lady Living Coach, patent that idea, you'll make a fortune!

    I don't have any trouble with my machine as long as I wear my bifocals, it's the hand work that kills me. The magnifier glasses I ordered from you are WONDERFUL. I do have to be directly under the lamp, but it's warm there, and I can take it til summer hits. For some reason, I can't see in the morning - I use those glasses for reading email, until my eyes wake up and I can see again!

  11. Great products. I have one place in the whole house where I can hand sew cause it isn'tr light enough anywhere else. I love your little portable light strip. I need to go shopping. LOL

  12. I'm glad to learn about these products. My eye doctor told me my vision would start to go when I hit 40. It happened the very day of my 40th birthday. What? Don't I get a grace period or something? Now I keep the dollar stores in business buying stronger and stronger readers!

  13. Thanks for the review Kelly. It gave me a chuckle this morning. Good lighting is so important and soon I'll need a magnifier too.

  14. Along with my eyesight failing & my figure going to pot, my patience & tolerance for absolute stupidity (and rigidity and lack of common sense!) has absolutely disappeared.

    When the dr's office says they faxed to the insurance and the insurance says they don't have it, and they play this game twice a week for TWO MONTHS (so far!!), I just lose it! Yup, I'm on the phone now, playing the game, on hold, waiting for someone to check yet again. OIKS! I'd much rather be sewing.

    But, I totally sympathize with the eyesight...I've been wearing glasses since 2nd grade & the only good thing is that nowadays they have these lightweight polycarbonate plastics, so at least they don't leave dimples in my nose anymore!

    Thanks for showing us the new stuff & getting your take on 'em. And believe me when I tell you that the advantages of M definitely outweigh the disadvantages!! Best wishes to ya!!

  15. I LOVE your LED lighting strip. Am DEFINITELY going to keep my eye out for one - I WANT one or two.

    Thanks for the heads-up,Kelly

  16. Boy can I relate to this post! I was driving down the road and saw myself in the rearview mirror and thought, "who is that woman with all that gray hair??" And most days I feel like I can't see a thing--but that gray hair did jump out at me!

  17. I would love to have a beam and read. I would give it to "My Momma" so she could read in the dark while I watch tv. It would be wonderful! The eyes are the second thing to go I think, lol.

  18. Now that is an awesome gadget!!

  19. I just have to tell you that when you said you were "heading into the M word," my first thought was -- MATERNITY! ;-). Then I had to wrack my brain for all the other words I know that start with "M" because, if you were pregnant, you'd probably be happier about it...


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