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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Days as Chapters

When you see all these photos you are going to think, "No wonder you are so darn tired girl....gets some rest why don't ya!"  Truth is I have been resting and although there are a lot of pix here....those were only snippets of my day.

Last Thursday I met my friend Starr for lunch.  I've needed some girlfriend time and I always enjoy Starr's company and her amazing creativity.  People think I'm a gadget person....truthfully I'm not...I'm more of the gadget critic....however Starr IS the Gadget Queen of the Universe!!  She has darn near all of them and knows how to work them....which blows my mind. 

Starr has an IPAD and she has been telling me about flipboard.  I told her I had no clue as to what she was referring to and she would have to show me.  When we met for lunch she brought along her new toy...she's only had it for two weeks....and she can operate all these aps...amazing isn't it?

She was tickled to show me she has IHAN on the Flipboard...can you see it there in the center?  That is my blog at a touch...can you believe that?  Technology is amazing to me.
Next Starr shows me how she can just use her finger to browse the pages of my blog.  Dang, my blog looks better on an IPAD than it does on my computer....what is up with that?

Do you wanna know what the best part was?  Her new IPAD bag....she made and designed it herself :)

The amazing,  creative and talented Starr holding up her punchneedle IPAD bag.  I'm in love with it.  I don't think there is anything Starr can't make in punchneedle and it always comes out terrific.
 I had to do close ups so you could see all the details....can you believe this?
 Look at the curly red looks real....and the sheep...the apples....absolutely amazing.
Check out the sun....and the change in colors of thread to make the face....all the color changes that add texture. 

Look at the crystals for eyes in the snake...scary snake ay?  Starr has a facebook page, Punchneedle and Me...go over and check it out.  Soon she will have an Etsy shop too.

 Friday there was a Stitch-In at The Quilt Foundry in Maumee and I had arranged with some girlfriends to stitch together there.  Naturally I was excited because I don't get much time away to stitch.  When I woke up on Friday I was so exhausted I had to go back to bed and sleep....missing the entire morning stitching with my girlfriends.  Boooo hoooooo.  I tell ya, I was not happy.  At least when I did arrive I enjoyed their company and the time I spent stitching. 

That night The Foundry had a Lasagna Dinner Party, click here for more photo's on their Facebook Page. I dare any quilt shop to match the fun those gals had on Friday night.  I've never seen anything quite like it....honestly.  We were served dinner, Lasagna, Salad, Bread (the garlic butter was awesome) and a chocolate cake with a mouse center.  After dinner everyone brought out their jelly rolls and began making a Lasagna below.
I worked on my Hugs and Kisses quilt by Jaybird Quilts because I didn't want to start another project.  Most everyone finished their quilt top that night. 


Anyone who wanted to get "Party Toes" could get a pedicure or manicure for just 15.00. 


Check out these frosty machines....wanna know what was in there?  On the right was margaritas and on the left were mudslides....can you believe that one?  Yes-sir-ee-Bob....frosty drinks for anyone who wanted them.  They were not supplied by shop but rather a couple who wanted to share some fun with the rest of us.  Of course rides were offered to anyone who needed one....I made it home just fine :)
Check out the fun Party Toes

Saturday, May 21st...Claire's Day in Maumee, OH.

 Claire's Day is held in honor of Claire Lynsey Rubini, who died suddenly July 6, 2000.  Claire loved to read and her family honors her memory with an amazing gathering of children's book authors and many other sponsors to encourage children to read.   
 Brad and Julie Rubini
 These are photos of Claire....she would be so proud to know how many children's lives she has touched because she loved to read.

Zach received a CARE Award on Saturday.  We are very proud of his reading efforts.

Claire Ackerman, Zach's reading teacher, with Zach at the awards ceremony. 

Sunday, May 22

If you are still with me and have not fallen asleep.....thanks for reading and sharing the last few days with us.

Did you notice the IHAN blog face lift?  It will be transferred to the IHAN shop soon as well.  I'd like your opinion...please tell me what you think.  Honest feedback only please :)



  1. I like your header! Really... honest!

    That is wonderful that they honor that young girl's memory with books. Books are so important... Kids need to read.

    I want a mudslide! LOL

  2. I love your new blog look! So clean and easy to read. Good JOB!

  3. An Ipad is something I want to get someday, but it can wait and by then, they will be even better. I love love love her case. That is amazing work on a large piece.


  4. Wow, I love your new look! I've been to the Quilt Foundry once when my friend took me to the tea room across the street. It was before they had their face lift ;-) It was a very nice shop. And I want a pedicure for $15!!!

  5. The new blog header is Sharp! Looks great.

  6. Okay, Nobody else has commented on it so I will. Was it a MOUSE center or a MOUSSE center. There's a big difference! I think a mouse center would be a pretty big surprise! (I hope you know I'm smiling as I write this!) Everything else sounded yummy!
    Congratulations to Zach! Learning to read is something to be very proud of!
    I love the facelift, by the way!

  7. That was the first thing I noticed when I visited you today was your header...looks awesome. You are so talented. Love love love it!

    It does sound like you have been very busy and what fun things going on over there. Always love to see pictures of the boys. You take care of your sweet self.

  8. When I clicked on your blog I thought something looked different...I love the bold colors...very looks like you had some fun days...thanks for sharing...I love your friends..

  9. Great new blog look. Very happy to see you get some girl time in. And I love, love, love Starr's ipad totate bag. Spectacular.


  10. Love the facelift on your banner - really cool! I'm glad that you felt like having some party time! Hope the supplements are working and that you have more energy! (Course, the mudslide may have pepped you up some, too! LOL You'll have to educate me on what's in it - I'm ignorant!)
    Jacque in SC

  11. The facelift is lovely -and no bruising or black eyes to go thru. Are you offering up the new store button? I see the new blog button to grab.

  12. Followed the link from Stash Manicure. I want pedicure for $15.00.Your friends Ipad cover is a piece of art. Your blog, not sure what it looked like before but this is beautiful. I will return, heading to your store now. Thanks for the share.

  13. Wow, you must be tired. I love your new look, especially the pictures of the leaves in the background. fresh and clean, perfect!

  14. Oh.My.GAWD! I love love LOVE that ipad bag. A couple of years ago, dear hubby offered to buy me a needlepuncher. NAH, I said, not really my cup o'tea. Who KNEW the fabulous things you could make? I've *never* seen anything like what she did!!! Makes me regret turning down the offer! sigh.

    Your new bloggy-blog is FABulous, dahling, FABulous! Much more YOU than the old stripes. Earthy & spunky & ready for whatever comes your way! And your new logo might even be digitizable (is that a word?), too! Must give that a try! And I love that you have your blog-world friends (with pics) over there on the sidebar. Change is GOOD, girfriend!

    Your days look like tons o'fun - many congrats to Zach for such an accomplishment. I used to love to read 'cuz it took me places; now I read to figure out how to get out of the jams my imagination has gotten me know, when all else fails, read the directions.

    Thank you, too, for bringing us up to date on Molly & Jake. They are adorable!!! Take care!

  15. Your friend must have purchased her Ipad the same day as me - my case IS NOWHERE AS CUTE as hers!! WOW - love it!

  16. I like the new look, it has a clean professional look. Congratulations of Zach, you can do anything if you're a reader. We could have used more pictures of Molly and Jake, they are getting big, are you angry with them? Lost too many shoes or something?

  17. Love the new look and glad you could spend some time with friends. Congrats to your young reader and love the mudpie-er too!


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