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Monday, June 11, 2012


Who knew these Flamingos would be so famous?  LOL  This photo is a bit dark because it was after 8 last evening when I snapped this shot.  Do you think I should get these folks address and all of us could send letters to the Flamingos?  It might be funny.

Saturday morning was my Machine Embroidery Guild Meeting.  Show and tell is always fun.  This is Annie's Wild Flowers Quilt.  

The first time I attended a Machine Embroidery Guild Workshop several members were working their Wildflower blocks.  I remember seeing all the beautiful batik fabrics Annie had and the beautiful blocks.  I was tickled pink to see Annie's quilt almost finished on Saturday.  Isn't it just beautiful?  

I need a ME fix.  I was using a friends Babylock Embroidery Machine .....oh talk about a wonderful Embroidery Machine.  After returning it....and I only returned it because it was far more difficult to have my house moved to an undisclosed I'm in the market for a used Babylock.

I am looking to purchase a used Babylock Ellismo or Ellegante Embroidery Machine with a USB.  If you have one or know someone who may be interested in selling their machine...please e-mail me at

I have been watching Craigs List, E-Bay and some of the Yahoo groups.  There are a few I'm checking into further....but I thought I'd let all of my friends know just in case you all know someone.  Buying from a friend, or a friend of a friend, would be my preferance.

If I don't get my fix soon....I don't know what will happen.  I've heard things could get really ugly....the first signs of Machine Embroidery withdrawal are painful blisters...don't believe me? 
See for yourself.....and those ugly things popped up after only 2 weeks without an Embroidery Machine.
Then the skin begins to dry and peel.....and that is before.....OH NO.....This is getting really bad now!!!

Can you even begin to imagine?  I'm so scared this will happen to me if I don't find a good used machine soon....please help me avoid the evil eyes.



  1. Kelly, don't you think you should invest in a couple of Flamingos for a little bit of competitive display?? Imagine the fun you could have bringing a couple of these pink beauties home?

  2. Sorry I can't help you with your quest for a machine. I wish I had a Machine Embroidery Guild around here. What sorts of things do you do at the meetings. Does your guild have a website?

    I wonder if your neighbors know you are blogging about their flamingos? I love seeing what these creative folks think up next and I think it would be fun to encourage them by sending them thank you notes. Although I wouldn't want to freak them out if all of a sudden people from all over the country started sending them letters.

    Good luck finding the machine. I couldn't live without mine!


    1. harrispen, our guild will have a website soon! it is in the final stages. We have speakers, demos, door prizes, and the very best show and tell! Besides a monthly meeting, we hold workshops once a month where we can come and sew together. Sometimes we work on a project together, like the Wildflower blocks. (Which work well with Floriani appli kay wonder stabilizer, by the way!) It's a fun group. Start one in your area! I can give you tips for starting.

  3. Kelly, I love the flamingo posts! Annie's quilt is a real stunner! she has an incredible ability to choose color. Her quilt is beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  4. I thought about "your" flamingos this morning while reading the local news... I wonder if this one went awol to visit with friends in Ohio?

  5. good luck finding a machine, FAST!

  6. Oh girl, I know what you mean. I can ship my cheap old singer to you. It won't be fancy like the babylock, but it embroiders. Do you still have that old Bernette? check out the local dealers. They may have a decent trade in unit. I'll check our craig's list and see what's going on up here.

  7. BRAVO on your decision to get one with a USB port...personally, I couldn't live without mine...or could I? I am this week, when I'm down here in bordertown....and it's killin me!! Maybe I should be looking around for a new one my own self........I guess I should consult with Driver....hmmmm...oh, I'm gonna get myself in trouble, I can just feel it in my bones!

    I could sure use that pool right now...we are sittin at about 100 in the shade, and they're calling for even higher temps as the week goes on. We're hoping to hit Schlitterbahn (water park) tomorrow or maybe Thurs AND Friday....depends on the $$.

  8. Don't forget that the Brother version of those is the same except for the "built in" designs. My Brother Innovis 4000 is the same as the Ellegante.

  9. I hope you find one soon...that is just horrible what can happen to a person.

  10. I love reading about the flamingos and seeing what they are up to. I agree with you it would be hilarious if they started receiving mail.

  11. a picture can tell a story...well i am thinking omg you have a real bad sunburn...and you then got rabies......then i read you need a silly lady lol

  12. Kelly---Have you contacted the STITCH store on Sylvania at Holland-Sylvania? She sometimes has used machines that were traded. Marjory Wilkin

  13. better get it quick. Love the post and the pink birds.

  14. You are definitely hooked on machine embroidery! I think it is time for you to get a new ME machine, but I'm glad you started with a good entry level one first. You may want to take a ME class at various sewing centers, where they provide the machine. Having hands on time with different machines can really help to see the different features, as well as hoop sizes. But the Babylock Ellismo and the Ellegante Embroidery Machines are supposed to be quite good.




  15. You need to find your local babylock dealer and make friends. I bought a babylock sophia less then half the original price used though they lady never sewed with it. And only had it a month before she traded up. Sewingly Yours in NC is where I bought it on the layaway plan.

  16. LOL - love the flamingoes - I think you need a few of your own! Hope you find a machine. Talk to the local dealer and see if they have any used ones for sale, we always did.

  17. Love the pic of the flamingos! Hope you find an embroidery machine soon!


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