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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Broken Wrist

No, not me!  Jocelyn, from Happy Cottage Quilter, has broken her wrist.  Jocelyn is among one of the finest people I know....and there are several of you out there!!!  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she undergoes surgery on Thursday morning.  I sure wish I could send her my surgeon, Dr. Gladden, from Bowling Green, OH. 

Anyone want to overflow her mailbox with tons of cards? I know I want if you'd like to join me and don't have her addy....I Just might know a little bird that knows where to send cards :)

I'm so very grateful for all the love and well wishes I've received since breaking my hand......and I know everyone will keep it flowing as needed....and if you're in need....just let us know....its always a pleasure  to pass the love and  kindnesses along.



  1. Breaks are so hard! Especially when you get you mobility back, but still can't do anything!!! I will try and find my stationary.... and get a card on the way!

  2. Oh...I am so sorry to hear that she broke her wrist....send me the address please.

  3. I would love to send her a little get well package if you could send me her address. Thanks.

  4. Big hugs to your blog buddy. Sending healing thoughts...

  5. Geez. Are you trying to start a "Broken Hand Club"? Getting a tatoo isn't enough? LOL!

    So sorry to hear about Jocelyn. Love your idea of filling her mailbox with cards and quilty hugs. Hope her surgery goes well and she recovers quickly too!


  6. I know, I couldn't believe it - didn't know she was having surgery though! Yikes!

  7. Oh, gosh...and right before Christmas! Always such a rush time for those of us who sew. How is your hand doing, Kelly?

  8. I have Jocelyn's email, but not her snail mail address. I'd love to get a card or two out to her. She already asked me to be praying for her during her surgery this morning.


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