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Thursday, February 14, 2013

IHAN® Hits Vegas!!!

I hope you are having or have had a wonderful Valentines Day filled with Love and Fabric :)

Now, I'll back track to my trip....

I hope the title doesn't mislead you to very much.  The last time I was in Vegas I was there for a 100 mile bike ride for the Leukemia Society back in 1999.  Back then, money still came out of slot machines and  Caesars walked around Caesars Palace with his female companions.  Those were the days my friends.....I thought they'd never end.....Now Vegas is like going to Chuck E Cheese for grown ups.  You get pieces of paper out of slot machines and you turn those in for money.
 I was welcomed to Vegas by this sign.  I was feeling old until I saw the sign....ROFL.
They say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....unless you are from IHAN®!  You know me....I'll share the trip with all of you :)
 Rod Stewart at Caesars Palace....nope I didn't see that show.
But I did see this....and 
this too.  I really wanted to see Caesar walking around like I saw back in my 20's...instead...this is as close as I got to any Caesar.
Jean and I just couldn't help ourselves....
I never really noticed the size difference between Jean and I until I took this photo.  

I've got to get the co-workers on the big yellow monster....I'll post the rest of our Vegas photos in a few hours.



  1. Fun, some day I want to visit Vegas

  2. I'm so glad you and Jean had fun! Vegas isn't one of my places. The only draw would be to visit a family friend. I know, that's sad.

    Thanks for the Valentine "eye candy" there (the Chippendales)...LOL! My heart skipped a beat.


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