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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mistyfuse Saved the Day!

Hey, y'all! It's Jean(ie) from Jean Creates. Kelly asked me post today for her today. Let's talk about quilting and one of my favorite IHAN products, Mistyfuse.

Pattern is Evening Bloom by Blackbird Designs
From their book entitled 2010 book entitled, Country Inn
For those that dare to venture over in my corner of the blogosphere, they know I'm working on an applique quilt right now. I'll be honest, the project started as a class two years ago (can you believe it?). The class was to learn an applique technique using a fusible interfacing that you stitch and turn with your fabric to look like needle turn applique. I'm a beginner sewist and not really adept at sewing curves (and my pattern has a lot of curves!) and the class method was quite cumbersome with all those little pieces, hence it became a UFO. It just wasn't happening. You know the story, as I'm sure you've been there once or twice in your life.

Snoqualmie Pass, Washington State
Well, one afternoon I was riding through the Northern Cascades (here in Washington State), and had an AHA! Experience. see that misty cloud in the mountain pass? That was the spark -- Fuse it with Mistyfuse! Until then I totally forgot that I had Mistyfuse on hand, so I turned it into a raw edge project instead.

I spent two days tracing cutting and fusing itty bitty flower shapes to get all the flowers on the quilt. And I've got to say that the Mistyfuse rocked socks! I took my parchment and traced the shape from the book, fused some Mistyfuse to fabric scraps using my iron and non-stick sheet (you can use parchment as well), and then put the shape template on top and cut. And when I was done with all my shapes, I fused my pieces to the block. Easy peasy!

I've always been a huge fan of this product and it's versatility. You can make fabric using this stuff, you can even baste a quilt with it! I betcha didn't know that. Just cut the Mistyfuse up into little pieces and sprinkle it in your quilt sandwich. I read that on a tip sheet.

Why do I choose this product first when fusing? Very simply put, it's the easiest to use. With Mistyfuse you don't have to worry whether or not you have the sewable or non-sewable version. There's no waste (I save my scraps and re-use them), the adhesive won't gum up your scissors, needle or sewing machine, and most importantly, it is lightweight and holds strong.  You can barely tell it's there and the fabric maintains it's drape (unlike other fusibles). That's why Mistyfuse is the fusible of my choice.

I'm pleased to say that Mistyfuse saved the day!


  1. Oh, I must agree with you there. Mistyfues is a great product. I was introduced to it about two years ago at a quilt retreat and have been using it for all my fuesable projects. It is great. Thank you for sharing Jean the quilt is lovely.

  2. Excellent post, Thanks Jean!!! Everyone knows I love Mistyfuse, it is an excellent fusible.

    Can't believe I'm leaving a comment on my own blog...this is odd!


    1. LOL. I bet that is weird. Hope I did you proud! :-)

  3. What a beautiful project (and photos too). Thanks for sharing Jean. Kelly also encouraged me to try Mistyfuse and I too love it now.


  4. Kelly, Perhaps you could show me how to use Mistyfuse sometime. I tried it and did not like it at all and thought it was very difficult to work with. I'm sure, though, that it is me not using it correctly. Thanks, Joan J.

    1. Kelly taught me all the tricks I know about Mistyfuse!

  5. I have to admit, I've never tried Misty Fuse yet. I've seen it in my LQS, but have yet to try it. I'll have to keep it in mind next time I do an applique project. Great post, Jean! Thanks!

  6. I am not to familiar with misty fuse, I use steam a seam but I am not opposed to trying something new. Thanks for your review. Your quilt looks fabulous.

  7. I do like the MistyFuse, but I also like WonderUnder. I just use them for different things.

    1. I'm still a guppy and learning all about the different fusibles. I know that some are good for one thing and some are better for other duties.

  8. I've never used MistyFuse. I guess I need to check it out!

  9. I have Misty fuse that I bought and have never used. Thanks for reminding that I need to try it out :)


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