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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Feels Like It's Been Years!

Can't believe it has been so long since I wrote a blog post.  I'm slowly returning to myself after the passing of my mother.  We just had her "Celebration of Life" gathering this past Saturday.  Trying to get everything in order for that has kept me more than occupied. 
 This was one of the photos used for the announcement for her gathering.....I just love this photo. 

It has been a few months since I took this next photo, but I am still tickled by these girls so I wanted to share my post and a link to their website.

Kathy and Bonnie from KPea Original

These gals were at Checker Distributor picking up some fun fabrics when I saw them.  Naturally I asked to take their photograph.  Check out their tops, they have designed and made their own tops.   How smart is that?  What a perfect way to use some of those "oh so fun" prints out there on the market.   

Today I went looking for their website and noticed it says they are on vacation until July 1.  Kids Fly Too is a website that carries a handmade line by KPea Original if you want to check out other things they have.

I'm hoping to have the energy to do some blog hopping and catching up.  Have you seen anything out there in blogland that you think I missed?  Please leave a comment and let me know about it.....I'm so far behind.



  1. You've missed some hops and some new lines, but other than that I would just jump on the blog wagon and take a ride on what's out there now. No sense going backwards right?! Glad to see you - hope your heart is healing :)

  2. Hi Kelly,
    did you hear about Google Reader ? It stops july first and may be you have a lot of followers via that reader? I don't see (but may be I need stronger glasses LOL) a 'follow me' button for G reader. A lot of blogs have now a 'follow me' button for Bloglovin, but there are more. I hope someone who knows a lot more about readers will fill you in better than I can :-)).

    If you use a reader yourself, I liked her explaination :

    I just want to say I'm so glad for you you're starting to feel more like 'yourself' again.
    Dutch hug

  3. The only thing that you have missed is YOU. We have ALL missed you!!! I think of you so often.

  4. Welcome back, Kelly. I know it has been some tough months for you.

  5. What a wonderful photo to use, such a fun photo and shows her true spirit and joy of life.


  6. I was just thinking about you today and thought I needed to send you a message. glad you are out in blogland again....

  7. So glad to see you posting...ahh you can catch up with most things..but maybe one important thing is the goggle friend connect changes so you might want to read up on that as not to lose your followers.....I know allot of us went to bloglovin if for no other reason then to make sure we keep connected....if you find a better or different source please share.

  8. Welcome back. I hope we see more Kelly posts in the days to come! (((hugs)))

  9. Well, I'm glad you are back. I love the picture of your mom. It's wonderful.

  10. Love the picture of your Mom. Think about you often and take all the time you need.

  11. Welcome back, Kelly. I've missed your blog posts and you! I'm glad you have taken time to mourn for your mom. I love that picture of her.

  12. Will I see you this trip? Coming the 12 and staying- through the 20th and heading back to the 'burgh" on Sunday the 21st, so I can rest up Monday to return to work on Tuesday. Thanks for your encouragement re. my cards. I have so many and haven't tried to sell them. Thanks to you I was able to place an order to keep me active one more month. Not sure if I will continue since I inherited so much from my stamping friend who passed unexpectedly. She had as much as I have and it was just a pass time for her, not a business. What I lacked, I now have plenty of. LOL :) I've missed your posts so am glad to see you are back to blogging. Love ya...Aunt L

  13. Nice to read a post from you :-) I love that picture of your mom.. So happy and clearly not bothered about the rain.. Wonderful memory :-)

  14. So good to see you back. And what a lovely photo of your mom, I see where you get your smile!

  15. You Mum looked so happy and full of fun. a wonderful photo to remember her by. Glad you are back. i have missed your chats.


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