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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On An Average Day

Yesterday was an "average" day in my life.  The co-workers and I had to go to get some groceries last evening.  We went to Meijer, a large, we have everything type of store.  The co-workers were begging to go to the electronic department first (and if you can believe it, they also ask if they can go there and be alone while I shop!!!  They are 9 & 10...NOT!)  I decided to get their mind off of the electronics department I'd haphazardly walk through the book and magazine section.

It worked too :)  It wasn't but a minute before they were looking at books and finding something interesting. When I turned my back to pretend I was interested in something....I found something interesting.  This is what I saw:
The magazine section at Meijer on Central Ave in Sylvania, OH.  There are titles above the magazines as you can see....."Men's Interest,"
"Special Interest," (I'm not being ignorant when I ask, what is special interest, am I?  Honestly, I didn't get that part.)....and then there is:
"Women's Interests."  Silently I asked myself, Really?  This is 2013....and there are still labels for people's interests?  And....who are the "Special Interest" people?

Typically I experience myself as a human being  first, before I think about weather I'm male or I "guess" I'm glad someone else it thinking about what I'd like given I'm a female.

While the co-workers were thumbing through things about Star Wars, I flipped open "Quilt Life" by Alex and Ricky to see what is going on since I've been away from my normal quilting world.

You know I cracked up laughing when I opened to this page, "The Perfect Play"...Fabric, Football....and Jerry Joins the Quilt Life. 

Perhaps Meijer's needs to know that there are men that love quilts and quilting, sewing, thread work and plenty of women who are body builders and those that really know about computers...or at least this has been my experience.

That is my average day....what is your's like?

Silly Smiles,


  1. How true! Of course, I'd love to see a whole magazine section labeled "Quilter's Interest".


  2. H aha...yes a lot of those categories are pretty antiquated.

  3. You'll appreciate this one, Kelly -- there's a local hotel in Tioga County that publishes an ad once in a while in the local Pennysaver looking for a housekeeping "lady". Someone needs to tell them that the days of separate ads for male and female positions went out a long time ago...Who says a man can't keep house?

  4. Interests.... no classifying those by gender anymore! My average day usually involves running a vacuum some where in my house! Do you think I can find a man interested in running the vacuum??? Other than that how my day goes is anyone's guess....

  5. Hello my dear Kelly,I am happy to see that your wonderful sense of humor is coming back. I was thinking the other day that I hadn't seen your blog for awhile, but I must admit not reading the blogs much lately life is busy. I know things must still be difficult for you but everyday will be a bit better . Hugs and blessings.

  6. I think even the quilt world forgets that there are men out there that like to quilt....

  7. All I can say is, "Thank GOD my husband (a manly man, if there ever was one!!) is interested in a clean house, and therefore, he's got a VESTED interest in running the vacuum cleaner!" Indeed, I'm wondering if there's Men's Interests and Women's Interests, what in the world could be for Special Interests? Perhaps those whose sexual persuasion is undecided or less clear than others? And whose business is that, anyway? I'm pretty sure my career was in a typically male-dominated field, and was very evident when I went to conventions & seminars, but geepers, I would hate to have had to find my research & reading material limited solely by my gender....I would have been in a world o'hurt!

    On a (somewhat) related note - I'm glad the co-workers were so easily distracted. Beware - the day will come when that won't be the case! Celebrate for now!! :) and WELCOME BACK!

  8. I will have to check out my local Meijer, and see if the magazine display is the same-hmmmm. I do grit my teeth at the local thrift shop(Savers) when we look at the toy section-clearly labeled Boy (building blocks,balls, puzzles,etc) and Girl(dolls, dress up). My daughter never was a "doll" girl-preferring Legos and hands on activities. As she grew older,her Christmas list always included some sort of tool! She is now an Aeronautical Engineer! So take that-people who still discriminate by sex! It does boggle the mind that they still exist and are so blatant!

  9. They need to join the current century.


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