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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Don't Miss These

There are some ladies out in blogland that have put up some posts that I found excellent.  Just in case you don't follow all the same blogs as me, I thought I would share the links with you.

The first:
Blog: "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out"  ....the title alone cracks me up.  The gal's name is Kathy and she is a photographer.  Not only is she an excellent photographer but each Sunday she hosts "Song-ography."  You can see her most recent blog post, In The Spirit of Gratitude, HERE.

The Second:
Blog: "It's All About Purple."  This is Debbie's blog and she also participates in "Song-ography" by linking up Kathy's blog.  The post that blew me away today is about re-purposing an old TV Cabinet.  Wait until you see what she has done.  It may make you wish you didn't put yours on the curb for free.  For those of you who are quilters and sewers.....just think of the possibilities after you read her post.  Check out her post HERE.

The Third and definitely not in any particular order is, "Go West" Feral Woman.  This gal lives in Montana ans has some of the most beautiful photos of Big Sky Country that I've seen.  She also has a great sense of humor and she's fun to read.

Do you want to know something really strange?  Or should I say strange to me?...yes

I recently was introduced to these blogs by another friend, Karin, and my first thought was....these people don't quilt.  Hmmmm, like somehow if you don't sew or quilt it is odd that you would be writing a blog.  I think I'm way too deep into the forest now....ding dong :)

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.  Here are just a few reminders/announcements:
Not only can you win lots of incredible prizes but you can also bid on some amazing Sewing and Quilting Related selections.  All proceeds, yes ALL, that's 100% go directly to the four charities listed.  Hop over to SewCalGal's Blog and check out this very Giving Event.

 Michele at the Quilting Gallery is hosting a Giving Thanks Blog Hop and GiveawayIHAN® blog is also participating and we are giving away some very fun Rayon Patchwork Pants.   There are 168 participants and it ends on the 26th....ya might want to take a few minutes and hop around.
 I wear my Patchwork Pants quite a bit.  They are so comfy and  wash up nicely.  Just think how fun they will be to give as gifts and to wear around the house.  Don't forget they are wonderful as Retreat Wear too :)

That's all from here.....just remember....just one stitch at a time.



  1. WoW Kelly, you will never know what this entry means to me!! How touched I am by your kind and supportive words!!

    I have always been an organizing junkie. I love my home, I love to cook, bake, clean and decorate my home. When I was younger, my friends made fun of my "Martha Stewart" ways and I just hid my passions from the world, but never changed. Blogging has changed my life and opened a whole new world for me. I never knew there were other people like me, who found joy in the same activities I do.

    Many thanks for your kind words and support. Be sure and stop back next Sunday. I'm going to show some pictures of my home for song-ography, as I decorate it for Christmas. I think you will enjoy it!!

    I would love to see you next week, participating with Kathy's song-ography!!

  2. OMGosh...this is Kathy from "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out"....and MUCHO THANK-Os for the wonderful words you shared about me. The funny thing is I popped over here to say hi and thought "OH NO...a quilter!" haha. Let me clarify...I have NOTHING against quilters, my mom is the best and most avid quilter I know. So I've grown up with it. I was just expecting photography (just like you were surprised I wasn't a quilter). Small world. I'm sure we are very similar in that I find my solace, relaxation and peace in photography. I kinda think you have similar feelings towards quilting. I think you should pick up your camera and join in on Song-ography next week. Photographers of ALL levels are more than welcome. Creativity is the name of the game...and we all know quilters are VERY creative :). I am a new follower!

  3. OK, here's the rest of the story (there's ALWAYS a back story, right?) -- I was introduced to these people through - a listing of blogs by, for & about full time RV'ing & RV'ers. (of which I was one prior to ever starting a quilt) And it was on there, that I discovered Janna, Mike & Emma of She quilts (long-arms, no less) out of a trailer towed behind her motorhome (and today's post documents her new one!) So, there you have it, we are back at the beginning of the circle of friends. Life's funny that way!

  4. Thanks for sharing these blogs.... they are great.... and the photos!!! Well they are way beyond mine!!! I think I will add them to my reader.... so as not to miss any. Thanks Kelly!!!

  5. I will have to go by those blogs...what funny names...if anything that draws a person in.


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