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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yes, I Am Spoiled With Anita Goodesigns

I am no expert when it comes to Machine Embroidery or for that matter Quilting.   I don't need to be when I am surrounded by wonderful women who have achieved excellence in Machine Embroidery and Quilting.  This is not to say that I'm not knowledgeable, because I am....but expert, nope, not me.

Knowing that the holidays are right around the corner, I started making gifts for my co-workers teachers....and of course the bus driver, the secretaries and I can't leave out the school counselor!  Yes, I have a lot of gifts to make.   I have a secret to share for making amazing gifts quickly....its called Machine Embroidery! 

Another secret is excellently digitized designs by Anita Goodesign.   I was introduced to Anita Goodesign by  my friends in the Machine Embroidery Guild a few years ago.  When I saw how wonderful the designs stitched out I knew these designs would be a great addition to IHAN®.

I am making these pillows for some of the teachers and I thought I'd take you along on the journey with me.

The instructions are so well written that even I can follow them.  Each and every step is supported with excellent directions and photos.  The instructions suggested that I add some fusible interfacing to the back of my fabric because of the dense stitching.  Next I used Floriani No Show Mesh Cutaway as the stabilizer and hooped all layers.  Nice and taunt so I would not have any puckering.  I'm not a fan of puckering! 

Above you can see the stippling stitches and the base of the Nutcracker being stitched.   I chose white thread on white fabric because I wanted the Nutcracker to be the focus but I could have just as easily used another color.
Anita Goodesign has been using Floriani Thread in their designs and conveniently enough, I happen to love  Floriani Embroidery Thread so this is excellent!   TIP:  You can always share your embroidery thread with another machine embroiderer.  Who says you can't split the cost of all of your ME supplies with a friend...that cuts down on your inventory of stabilizers and thread.  Just a money saving idea.
The Nutcrackers pants are being stitched in this photo.  Wouldn't you think the stitches would start out uniform?  You are seeing the under stitches being laid down.  Wait until you see how beautifully the pants turn out.
Beautiful ay?  Yes indeed.
Now the jacket is stitching....
Ta Da....and a Nutcracker is born :)
In this close up you can really see the beautiful detailing of the digitizing and the rich texture the Floriani thread brings. 

Given I can't get to my fabric stash I am not able to put the side panels on just yet.  Wheelchairs and stairs just don't go together.  However, I do have an example from Christmas Classics that I finished before my ankle was broken.

These two pillows will be given to teachers/school staff as gifts this holiday season. 
You can make pillows, quilts, wall hangings, table runners, placemats, coasters,  embellish clothing....anything goes and you know you can't go wrong with the quality digitizing by Anita Goodesign. 

Yes, I am trying to tempt you....and in my effort to do so, I've also taken $30.00 off the price of the Christmas Classics and  $15.00 on the Nutcracker designs.  All Anita Goodesigns ship for FREE at IHAN® (United States Only) so what are you waiting for? 

As far as I can calculate, that leaves you plenty of money for at least one wild fabric shopping spree and lunch or some more money to tuck back into your mattress :)



  1. Those will look great! I know your gifts will be a big hit.

  2. Those designs are so pretty, makes me want to get a machine that can do that. I love all the fancy designs that are out there but I just haven't bit the bullet and bought an embroidery machine yet.

  3. What fun designs. They do look like they stitch out absolutely beautiful. Fun how the Nutcracker has the background stippling design built in, which makes for a fast pillow project. I think the nutcracker design would also be cute in stockings and even quilt blocks/quilts.

    Thanks for sharing. Inspirational projects for using our embroidery machines and I do so love the idea of making gifts, especially for teachers.

    And I certainly think this Nutcracker would make cute Christmas gifts to anyone. I'm going to have to plan to do such a project for a friend that loves nutcrackers.


  4. I have several Anita Goodesign sets and I LOVE them. They stitch out beautifully!. I especially like their in-the-hoop projects! I'm zipper-phobic and did a cute little coin purse project from one of their CDs and it turned out soooo cute! And best yet, the zipper was done right!

  5. I could swear Anita Goodesign is actually a man behind the creations... but I could be wrong. I swear tho that I heard that John Deere is the creator of those designs. Either or, what a great project your doing with these nutcrackers. My sister loves nutcrackers, I may have to go and pick these up and stitch them out for her. Thank you for the great inspiration... Really really beautiful.. guess I'll have to order some floriani thread as well, did you use rayon? I don't remember reading that part.

  6. Beautiful stitching! LOVE the convenience of all-in-one designs, and who can top FREE SHIPPING? Loved how the snowmen turned out!

  7. I love Anita Goodesign embroidery patterns. So many of my gifts to friends, Sunday School members and family start with Anita. I have also enjoyed their trunk show when they come to McDonough GA.

  8. oooohhhh i would just love to be able to do this!! i am a creative soul, who has really spread her wings since emptying (sp) out the nest!!

    it's just so wonderful to have the time to do the things "we" love to do. i forgot about myself as i raised my boys!!

  9. I am new to anita goodesign. I attended the 10th anniversary event in Austin. I am nervous about the designs that you sew fabric with, such as the labels. I do not see any directions on how to do this. Do you know where I can find tutorials for this? Thanks


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