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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lucky Me

I received a most wonderful gift via e-mail this past week.  It is an Advent Calendar by Jacquie Lawson .  Each day I click on this snow globe and I see a wonderful scene that is interactive and absolutely beautiful.  I was so taken with this idea I purchased several and sent them as gifts.  An inexpensive way to say "I'm thinking about you."

During the "Giving Thanks Blog Hop" sponsored by Michele at Quilting Gallery I was fortunate enough to win a gift given by Quilting Sparrow Company.  I received 11 of the prettiest holiday fat quarters in the mail this past week.  I loved their business card...check out how cute it is edged in fabric.  You know I'll never forget the Quilting Sparrow Company after seeing this fun business card....very smart!!! 

Thank you Quilting Sparrow Company for making my holidays bright :)

Most everyone who reads my blog knows I rarely post pictures of food on my blog.  There are several reasons for this.  The fist is I no longer enjoy cooking.  The second is because all those in AU who read my posts typically will be awaking to my posts.  I have spent many a nights reading their morning posts and when they post photos of food I swear I take in more calories than ever were necessary for one human being.  This time I'm making an exception because I made a beautiful pie this past week and I was so tickled.  Mind you, I used Martha Stewarts recipe but, hey those were my hands that did the work...LOL.

My girlfriend, Diane, made this beautiful felt  Christmas tree and she brought it to show at one of  our sewing groups.  She kept this at her cabin and only worked on occasionally while visiting there.  It took her 10 years to finish it and I'm so very glad she did because I think it is absolutely beautiful!  So cheerful and what a wonderful thing to pass down to her children.
It must be the little kid in me that goes nuts for all the sparkle and the sweet faces.  We are fortunate enough to have a tree skirt that my MIL made and gave to my husband. 
Gifts were exchanged at our group and we all received lovely gifts.  Diane received this beautiful wall hanging made by Carol E. It is an embroidery design by Anita Goodesign.  What a clever gift...three fun blocks...why don't I think of such cute things in advance?

I know this post is getting long, but there are lots of photos I want to share and I'm not always able to get to posting them as soon as I would like.  Just 4 more photos and then I'll smile at you :)

Lights at the Toledo Zoo is a special holiday event here in our area.  The weather has been unusually warm so this past week we went over to the Zoo to see their beautiful display.  Unfortunately I didn't take my camera and had to rely on a friends photos.......there are only 4...but they are fun none the less.

I hope you have a magical week!

Next week I'll have two come one back and visit again soon.



  1. Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed your post!

  2. I am drooling over Diane's Felt work. Made me smile. Mom had this BEAUTIFUL felt table round that was embellished with sequins. At Christmas time she put that on the dining room table, along with other handmade felt goodies/plushies for decoration. I miss that. It was the same kind of work that Diane did in that photo. Love it!!!

    P.S. That pie looks delicious!

  3. So clever of Carol E to put those blocks together like that! I've got a zillion designs, but I'm always wondering, what should I do with the sew-outs? I get tired of making tote bags, towels & sweatshirts, so I love how she combined quilting with embroidery! (yeah, I have a couple of collections that are SUPPOSED to be turned into a quilt, but I also have a few dozen BAGS of FABRIC that are also supposed to be turned into a I sit.) Nice pie! (let's see some buns, next - I'd love to tell ya "nice buns!") I think you must have gotten all our warm - and we've got all your cold. I'm ready to switch back now, thank you, NOW! :) Good post, full of love & cheer!

  4. I am not in the spirit at all... but I will have to get a move on.... my season starts next week!!! Looks like you had some fun in the kitchen...

  5. I wish you a magical week too. It is that time of year. The last photo is great. Congrats on your win.

  6. ummm....just a few comments....
    1. i LOVE food pictures and feature food on my blog all. the. time.
    2. your pie is just amazing, and i happen to like martha's "stuff". i'm not sure i love her personality but her skills can not be beat!!
    3. congrats on the fun snail mail!!
    4. i just adore christmas lights and decorations. i must admit shamefully, it's one of my favorite parts of the season!!

    i hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

  7. What an adorable felt Xmas tree! Certainly to become a treasured keepsake :)

  8. Glad you like the Jackie Lawson Advent Calendars too. Beautiful cards that are so fun to open every day. :)


  9. That pie looks excellent......wish I had some. LOL..


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