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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Shelf Elf and an Attachment to Aurifil Thread

Just sitting around with a broken leg isn't very much fun I must admit.  There are times I just make some fun.  Take for instance these eye balls staring up at you.  I found these looking at me one day over the quilt I was laying under.  It just popped up and started chatting with me.  Ya just never know what  is going to happen here at IHAN® headquarters.

This morning I woke up (yes still sleeping on the sofa) and noticed that our Shelf Elf had absconded with some Aurifil Thread.  Look how happy that little fella is...makes me wonder where all my Aurifil Thread is hiding???  Perhaps there will be some in my Christmas stocking?  Don't know as I have not peeked.

This past weekend the co-workers and I sat down at the kitchen table to start making some Christmas gifts.
What do you think we were making?  Any guesses?



  1. you must have broken that before we "met".....or somehow i missed that!!

    i think you might be making coasters?? maybe....i'm sure it is something fun!!

    pretty fabrics, i hope you share the project with us!!

  2. not sure on the modge podge, but tiles and fabric = trivets.

  3. LOL.. I was thinking coasters or trivets also. I need some young ones to do that type of crafts with.

  4. Drink coasters?
    That elf thingy creeps me out. It's kinda like that clown from Poltergeist.

  5. Our elf has been up to his antics too. Yesterday he and little Santa Elmo had a car wreck with the Barbie VW. Today he is buried in a big cup of hot chocolate, with straw of course.


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