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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's Snowing...just like when I was a Kid :)

The beautiful white snow feels like a return to my childhood when school was closed and we could barely open the front door because the snow had drifted to over 2 feet.   The memories of being a child include "real snow" where it would literally be over 24 inches and we dressed in multiple layers and used Wonder Bread plastic bags (the ones with the colorful dots on them) as lining over our 2 or 3 pair of socks to make it easier to slide on our boots.  We headed out to play and shovel show.  Mainly just play until we were somewhere around 11 and then snow brought with it the opportunity to make money by shoveling other people's sidewalks. 
School has been canceled today (we're up to 5 1/2 days of weather related absences this winter) and we have been enjoying it from the windows thus far. 
An ordinary passerby might think nothing of this cave at the end of our driveway....but to this Momma, that is the sign of two very hardworking and happy boys :)  The co-workers have tunneled through the big pile of accumulated snow and ice to make their own tunnel.  I loved the ice sickles that have formed on the roof of their cave.

Between going to Physical Therapy and keeping up with the snow and ice I haven't found much time to sew.  I've been using my embroidery machine to make labels for some quilts that are finished.
 This is one I made yesterday and then cut through the fabric while trimming the stabilizer.  You can guess there will be a duplicate in my near future.

I was given a bird feeder and a bird seed wreath for Christmas and I took them out front earlier this week and hung them in the trees.  Oh the birds that have visited...

The bird house was covered in seed when it was hung...they didn't last long that's for sure!  It is now a naked house...giggles.
Rick filled the bird fountain with seed so they would not have to fight for the seeds.   Snow and birds...a wee bit of stitching...that's what I've been up to this past week.

Three days from now it will be the Festival of  Broken Needles aka Hari-kuyo.  For the past 4 years I have wanted to acknowledge this Festival but my planning and execution skills were not aligned.  This year is different!!!  My understanding of Hari-kuyo is taking the time to show gratitude for old and broken needles.  Sort of a Thanksgiving for our stitching needles.  Very cool indeed and I plan on having a little ceremony here. 

I've saved all of my broken sewing and hand stitching needles in a medicine bottle for several years  and I also saved all the needles I received in the IHAN Needle Exchange Program a  few years back.  This will be the first time I will officially celebrated "Hari-kuyo" and  I was thinking of a funeral of sorts to lay those wonderful needles to rest.  I'll post more on the 8th.

Back to the snow....


  1. beautiful snow pics. we only got 1" last week and the kids were out from Tues-friday...

  2. Beautiful snow!!!! I remember snows like that! But here today we had freezing rain... which coated everything in ice! Pictures later! I've not ever heard of a needle ceremony... to late for most of mine, tho... they are gone.

  3. Wow....that is a lot of snow! It looks so pretty.

  4. I love seeing the birds at the feeders. We had 2 weeks of very cold weather ( 30 at night) and my bird feeder was very busy during the day. The birds have emptied the feeder over and over , but it is a delight to feed them. I love seeing them swoop in and grab a quick bite and take off. It't nice to help our little winged friends. I will appreciate it when they reward me with their songs.

  5. So you were a child in 1978? (wink) That was a serious snow that year. I was in college in Ohio and they told us "In the south you may close because of snow, but we NEVER close because of snow" So the blizzard came and I was rather loud when they told me class was cancelled because of the snow. "But you told me NEVER" ha ha.

  6. The snow up in Stratford is at about 30" now and we haven't had snow like this in over 20 years. We use to cross country ski now they are snowshoeing. My seven year old grandson who is blind got some for his birthday and he loves them. It is too cols although I love the snow.

  7. I love the boys tunnel/cave that they created. They are so creative. Glad they are able to enjoy the snow. Spring will come your way soon. Hang in their. Glad to see all the birds coming by and being well fed.


  8. It's so beautiful! I remember making snow tunnels and caves when I was a kid, thanks for the memories :)

  9. Thank you for sharing the snow, I miss it so much and this year we haven't had enough to stick for even a day! I am glad you are getting stronger and I know PT will make it all worth it.
    If you get a chance, please stop by Layers of Hope, we have a new background and logo and let me know what you think!

  10. with all that snow I know the birds appreciate the food you put out for them.

  11. I just had a duh moment, I have not thought of using my embroidery machine to do labels....thanks for the light bulb.

  12. Yes, the snow is beautiful. I had forgotten about putting plastic bags over our socks before putting on our boots until you mentioned it. Fond memories.

  13. You all have had the weather like it was when we were kids. I remember getting snows days all the time in winter. Hope you're keeping same. I can't wait to hear about the needle funeral. I've got a bottle of those too. I need to know the proper way to lay them to rest for good service! Hugs!

    1. keeping SANE... not same. Same is not fun. SANE is.


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