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Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is....

Love is....
photo taken from a forwarded e-mail some time ago 

 anything you want it to be really.  February 14th brings about the celebration of St. Valentines and in my neck of the woods it is celebrated by children at school.  In my world, love is celebrated every day and words and actions of love are carried out as a routine part of our everyday lives. 

I recall several years ago....I was in my early 30's..being taken to the airport by my mother and before I boarded the plane she told me how much she loved me.  Later that night while visiting with my father, he told me how proud he was of me and that he loved me.  That night I went to bed thinking how wonderful it was to have been told by both of my parents how much they loved me...all in the same day.  For many people...that is routine...for was amazing and I'll never forget that day.  My heart was full and I felt special....and I knew then that should I have a family, that was going to be shared every day and my children would find that to be the routine....and so it is.
 (both parents had shared words and actions of love long before this day in my thirties...but I don't recall having heard those words communicated so clearly by both parents on the same day...that day was indeed special)

Happy thoughts of love....I'd love to hear about your special moments of loving memories...either here in a comment...or via e-mail...yes I do read them and love to know from those who care to share...what you hold near and dear today.  I"m always at IHaveANotion dot com.

Smiles of Gratitude today,


  1. What a special day that was for sure, great memories. It is wonderful to be loved but are are awesome, who couldn't love you...RIGHT!!!

  2. Lovin' you today girl!! Thanks for sharing and the reminder to tell all of the people in your life that they are very special! hugs, hugs, and more hugs!!

  3. Sending love across the miles! I'm cooking a special home-cooking meal for hubby. Even made a slightly overdone pecan pie for him. (oops!)

  4. How special. My Mom always said I Love you to me, but I don't ever remember hearing it from my Dad. I am so thankful that my hubby tells our children he loves them, as I don't think he heard it in his home either. Although there was lots of love there, the words were left unspoken. And I think we all need to hear those special words.

  5. Very special memory. And I agree with your parents 100%.


  6. My Dad was quite about saying he loved us. But he did tell us that he loved us when we were growing up. One of the last things he said to us as a group was that we should love each other and take care of each other. I am happy to say that we are doing that as he requested.


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