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Friday, July 25, 2014

Quick Update

 (I know this is a Christmas Angel...but she is so pretty and I think appropriate for my dear friends passing process)

Thank you so much for all your kind e-mails and your concern.  I am well and have been honored to be with my dear friend.  She was released to go home on hospice yesterday.  My silence is a drawing inward to keep my energy with my dear friend....and I'm doing well and so appreciate everyone's well wishes and prayers.

Grateful Smiles,


  1. I am SO sorry to hear about your friend.

  2. My heart goes out to you Kelly, those dying are only relieved from their pain to an endless happiness but those left behind are the ones suffering. Much love your way

  3. Good Lord, it is just all too much. I am thinking of you, once again, during this time.

  4. Totally understood. She needs you now more than we do.

  5. Helping her find some peace while she prepares for her rest is pure love, hard for you, but so caring for her. Take good care of yourself, you need to be so strong right now.

  6. You are such a good friend Kelly. Praying the Lord's peace for you and your friend.

  7. Such a loving gift to give your dear friend, the grace to go home in peace surrounded by familiar things and much love. Hugs and prayers to both.

  8. Know that my heart is with you both. (((Sending love)))

  9. Oh Kelly, I'm so sorry for your loss and for her family. Big hug.


  10. So sorry to hear of your loss, your dear friend must have been so grateful that you were there to help her to pass over. Blessings to you sweet friend .


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