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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Some Fun Thank You Gifts for Nurses

Some how on my last post people got the impression my dear friend had passed away.  She is alive and kicking...for the record.  She was sent home with hospice care and I had the great fortune and honor of spending 2 weeks with her.  You can't begin to imagine what your kind thoughts and prayers have meant to me...THANK YOU!

Mary Jane wants to thank the nurses at the cancer center and asked me to make some Humbug Bags for her.  Between the few I was able to finish and the one's my other dear friends helped me with....we have them finished.
Notice the handle on this bag?  The zipper was extra long so I used it as the handle....better than cutting it off and throwing it away.
 Keep in mind I did not stuff any of these with tissue paper...which would have made for better photos. 
 I had so much fun doing some outline stitching on this fabric....I hope the nurse who receives it enjoys it as much as I did making it.
Choosing a variety of fabrics was fun...each is lined with a coordinating fabric too.

Deciding what type of handle, if any, you would like for your Humbug Bag.  You can use almost anything that coordinates with the fabric.  I put some cotton cording on this one and I think it turned out very cute.

When making the handles with fabric I have added some RocLon Multi-Purpose Cloth to make the handle a little more sturdy.  See pix below:
I cut the fabric border to make the handle and used 1" of Roc-Lon Multi-Purpose Cloth.  I enclosed the Multi-Purpose Cloth inside the fabric border. 
Nice little gifts I think and I'll be putting some  home made Buckeyes in each one (wrapped well of course) .  Buckeyes are Mary Jane's favorite sweet so what would be more appropriate?

In case you LOVE chocolate and peanut Love the following recipe for Buckeyes (click on word Buckeyes for recipe).

I hope this post leaves you a little inspired and know I soooo appreciate your visiting and comments.  They warm my heart!



  1. You're a good friend, Kelly. All those Humbug bags are adorable! And, such a great idea to use the zipper as a handle!

  2. The humbug bags are so cute. And I love the idea of having they stuffed with buckeyes (a treat I learned about when I went to school in Ohio for a couple of years.- yum)

  3. Those are fun little bags, and they will be even better with buckeyes - YUM!

  4. What a sweet thing to do, I would have helped....wonderful bags.

  5. I am sure the nurses will love them. So cute. I have made buckeyes before. Yummy!

  6. Such adorable bags, I wouldn't mind getting the pattern but the mailing to Canada anymore costs more then the pattern. Having been a Nurse in my younger days I would have so loved and appreciated that. Blessings

  7. Humbug bags to anyone who thinks our shelf life is shorter than it ends up being! Some times there are special blessings that need to be shared, spiritual journeys that need to be walked as well as talked, and so much love, prayers, and blessings to be felt, share and experience by the multitudes along the way. It's all good, all great, and all so very mighty. Love your humbugs!!


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