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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Lovely Saturday Afternoon

I was invited to join my sister (above) and her girlfriends for an afternoon of crafting.  I had no idea when I accepted the invitation that the host's partner is a gourmet cook.  Our lunch was a 4 Star meal and my socks were knocked into the next county.

The stew was so delicious, I enjoyed every single bite and savored the experience of such an unexpected treat.

But wait....there's more......
This gadget, I have absolutely no clue what it is, however I saw it entwined with some pears.  No idea what that machine is or does....interesting isn't it?

I saw Charlie, the chef,  pull a real whip cream gizmo from the fridge and then we were each presented with on of these:
A single perfect red raspberry in the center, pound cake tornado floating on the Chambord syrup, an amazing pear that had cavorted with that gizmo pictured above and drizzled with homemade caramel sauce topped with a scosche of sea salt.  Wham Bam, thank you Charlie!!! 

The gals were spraying rice paper and other textured papers with ink sprays.  I've never seen anything like this so I was fascinated to see what they created.
 Just like quilters, these paper artists had every kind of gadget you could imagine and enjoyed playing with the possibilities.
The ink spray bottles said they were fabric and textile appropriate. about a whole new way of thinking for me....a whole new world I know nothing about.
Yes, I have more projects going than any twelve people could finish in the next year....and I won't be taking up a new hobby at this time.....AND I had a ball watching them and learning about their process.

Debbie was the host and she has been applying her artistic abilities to making greeting cards since she retired.  With each card that was added to my pile I thought of dear friends who I knew would treasure the card....I had no idea I loved so many people!
I'm only showing this ONE card....because I'll be sending them so many of you and I don't want to spoil the fun.

What a delightful and much needed joyful afternoon!



  1. What fun. I'm so happy to see you spend some yummy crafty time with your sister and friends. :)


  2. What fun!!! I love stew and my DH is going to make me some soon....grin.

  3. Well now I am STARVING...I'm no chef but there's going to be stew on the menu this week! Those papers are wonderful. I started quilting by making painted quilts - using regular craft acrylics! I'll have to do another one someday, I really enjoy painting fabric!

  4. Nice meal! That gadget is an Anova sous vide Precision Cooker. It allows food to be cooked to a very exact temperature. (okay, so I had to look it up - I am curious that way)
    It looks like you had a lovely time. I am like you, I can't really take up any new hobbies. The ones I have are already too many. Ha ha.

  5. That sounds like so much fun! I love discovering new crafts and ideas although my plate is full. And they fed you delicious food, perfect day!

  6. How fun! Who knew you could have so much fun that did not involve fabric!? And that dessert??? How perfect. Glad you had a great day with your sis and friends!

  7. Nice post. Isnt it nice to have a sister who loves to do the same kind of things you do...I have that same pleasure.

  8. Yum! I want pears, and whipped cream, and cake!!!!!
    So glad you had this day out. Sometimes you just need to hang with the chicks.


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