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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Its Not Caving In....It's Just Falling

I've been told that when things feel like they are falling apart.....perhaps they are just falling together!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!   Mr. McSteamy has been out of the country for 3 weeks, we had a co-worker change schools and all the normal activities of daily living (some how they seem like a giant mountain....I need new glasses :)

 The beautiful Fall leaves help keep everything in perspective. certainly is an intoxicant!  Zach was so tickled to be about to go out into a field and pick a "real" pumpkin....not just one purchased from the store.
Naturally where there is a pumpkin....there is pumpkin guts.
Aaron started a new school yesterday.  I tried to capture his beautiful smile....but it looks like I pressed the camera too late.  Darn!  Can you believe how tall this fella is?

What else is going on in my life.....Waldo....naturally. Waldo is working on a new quilt using Kaffe Fassett fabrics (many of which I gave her from my stash...what are friends for if they can't use your stash :).  The pattern she is using:

We loosely laid out her blocks to get a look at how the quilt will look.  I may just have to have one of these myself....I just love it!
It is really tough to get an idea about this quilt when we laid it on top of this quilt:
Yep....that's Waldo's bed quilt....a eye popping Kaffe Fassett quilt.  I've warned her more than once to sleep with the quilt tucked under her feet....because I could just break in and snatch it right off of her!

Giggles and Smiles,


  1. Wow, Aaron is indeed growing quite tall. It seems he is at that stage of "all legs" but that could just be the camera angle.
    Both of Waldo's quilts are lovely. The Argyle pattern done in the Kaffe fabrics is just wonderful.
    (oh yes, I love Zach's tie-dye shirt!)

  2. I'm hoping the new school is more challenging for his aptitude. Love Both of Waldo's quilts! I might have to arrange a nighttime visit for that pretty bed quilt (wink)

  3. Loved your pumpkin guts. My daughter sends a picture every year of her daughter going to school on day one. This year she carried her to the car. She's 16 now and taller than her it was quite funny with the big frown on her face. Last year My GD was hanging on to the front door and her leg was being pulled by her Mom dragging her to school.

    They are so funny together. Enjoyed all your photos.

  4. Life is certainly never dull, either in your neck of the woods or here.

  5. Had to laugh at picture of son's first day of new school, my son was like that from kindergarten now he is 42 with a son of his own. Enjoy every moment.. Blessings Sandra


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