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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wishing You

Wishing you everything you would wish for yourself including excellent health, laughter, joy and appreciation.
I'm so very grateful for all of the people in my life....I am so very blessed to have people whom I love so very much...I'm always humbled and overjoyed by the amazing spirits I've gotten to spend time with and to be blessed by knowing.

I know this is the Eve. of a New Year....yet I don't get too caught up in resolutions or "word" of the year etc.  I'm all for one day at a time and looking for every opportunity to laugh or bring a smile to someone's face and frequently....just breathe!  We can't control what happens to us but we certainly have some say in how we respond.  I pray to not loose any friends this year, yet I have no control over that either.  May each and every single one of us find something wonderful in another person, pet or plant....rock, landscape, sky....what ever brings you bliss....and have gratitude for every moment of bliss we experience.

So much has happened in the last two years of my life....more pain that I ever knew was possibly physically and emotionally.    For those of you who know me and are know all about it.  For those bloggers who are dropping by....whoops....wrong day to drop in...LOL.  Stop back again another day....giggles.

Two songs I heard this past year that I loved.....and brought smiles joy and fun....I'm going to post them below.  The first song entitled, "Dirt", made me think about my dear friend who died this past year.  Her life was nothing like the video....but she grew up in a wonderful farm house, renovated it when she retired....and lived there happily until she died there this past Aug. On a side note....the only time I feel really bad is when people ask if I'm still crying over the loss.  The people I have connected with and love...there is not magic time on the clock at which time I'll stop missing you or crying....while I'm still a human being....I'll miss you and think of you until I leave this planet.  If you don't have people in your life you feel that way about.....get your bum up and run...don't walk....until you meet folks that change you, your life and inspire your greatness...AND that's what I have to say about that!!!

The other song, "Up Town Funk", brings back the Mo-Town fun I grew up in.  The song reminds me of The Jackson Five, The O-Jays, The Spinners, The Four Topsand The Isley Brothers and all those folks involved in making music in the 70's at Mo-Town....I can't help but float a bit when I hear this song.  Hope you enjoy them...if worries.  If you don't like them....I'd love to hear what you like....and see if that brings a big ole smile to my face because I'm always open to feeling that smile form on my face.

Cheers and Smiles,


  1. Right back at YOU!!! I hope this year is more SMILES... and fewer trials... For you and EVERYONE!!!

  2. Happy New Year Kelly! I LOVE the Uptown Funk song too - how can you not just want to get up and dance when you hear it! Maybe this will be the year that someone takes us to Bali! Lol!

  3. Happy New Year Kelly. Sometimes I wonder if I can survive all this...then I remember Oh...I am not in why wonder..just keep plugging along and look for the good stuff. Friends like you and fabric..What more..The sun is shining on my bottle tree now. My sister is here to help. The four year old has learned how to find himself a movie on Netflix all by himself and the dog is asleep at my feet...gotta love it. Hugs from Charlotte

  4. Wonderful post! I too look to smile or make someone have at least a giggle. I've been trying to teach my oldest granddaughter that our reaction is all we can control. Of course, I was close to 50 before I got it....:) Loving both of your songs. I grew up on James Brown so Bruno is right up my alley. He's sure a cutie.

    Have the Best Blessed Year ever!!

  5. Happy New Year Kelly, think of you often and have to say I'm truly amazed at the grace you've shown going through all you've had to go through. I also remember connecting with you while sitting up at night while my Mom was in Hospice and how it mean't so much to me that you took the time and did so. I wish you and your family the truly best 2015.

  6. Wow! Thank you for sharing your thoughts & emotions. I truly appreciate both. Thanks for the songs! The 1st made me cry, but I love it & really enjoy ed their harmony. The second made me dance & laugh. Love it, too. It makes me think of Morris Day & the Time. Can't wait to share them both. Happy New Year to us all

  7. I know loss as well Kelly and you are so right, there is no instant 'off' time to stop grieving, pack up our emotions and move on. My son has been gone for over 30 years and I still find myself weeping buckets for him.

  8. BTW...I am having a fun little giveaway over at my quilting blog:

  9. Last year was a hard year I lost two sisters within four months of each other then a nephew seven months later. The Dirt song reminds me of my sisters, There were five girls in our family and every one of us love playing in the dirt as children and adults. We all loved our flower gardens. We would say the dirt is our therapy! How I wished there was a stoping point for grief but sadly there is not. Last year on my sisters birthdays I planted their favorite flowers in my flower beds, I will do the same this year. Yes I know where they are eternally but the void is still present.

  10. Happy New year Kelly to you And your lovely family. You have had a tough two years but have come through them like the trooper you are and I am sure have learnt many life lessons.
    My grandson's favourite song is Don't worry Be Happy. He is eight and blind and we have learnt so much from him. Blessings Sandra

  11. Wishing you the best the new year has to offer. Love and hugs!


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