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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to Life

Well, I've had an amazing break these last few weeks. I promised myself that between Dec. 23 and the beginning of this new year I was going to do only those things I wanted to do or absolutely had to do and nothing else.  It was a WONDERFUL break.

I realized that I never posted the gifts we made for Christmas gifts for one another this past year.  Oops....and I didn't take pix of all of them.  But here are a few we made and have enjoyed giving.

 Aaron filled this clear bulb with mini marshmellows and then decorated the outside.  The Raindeer's face is Aaron's thumbprint.  Definitely a much treasured gift he made for me.
This was a pod for a tree that Zachary painted and gave to me.  I don't know the type of pod but I've seen them before somewhere.

The following are an assortment of holiday dish cloths I made and gave away. 

My sister requested some crochet dish I made these:

Rick taught Aaron to do some carving and Aaron made his first piece...and has gifted it to himself :)

I made pillowcases and forgot to take pix of them....silly me.  I gave away three of the acrylic drink cups that I monogramed.  Here is a pix of one of them...I thought they were cute.

One of the most joyful gifts to see under our tree this year was one Zach had made for his father.  The outside of the package had the little ornament Zach made and a dollar bill taped to the package.
On the inside was this picture that he drew and colored for his father....I just loved it.  What the dollar was about I'm still not sure...but it was wonderful seeing it under our tree for a few weeks.

When Rick asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I made it very easy....I just sent him a link to exactly what I very simple :)  I can not tell you how much joy these wind chimes have brought me.  I can hear them throughout the house and the sound is amazing.  I just took this video to share with you....ENJOY!

These are made in the US and are called Gentle Spirits by Majesty Bells.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful BREAK!!! That you enjoyed it to the fullest... so much so that you didn't thing to take pictures!

  2. Ahhh, peace and fun. I really love the ornament with the marshmallows, is it sealed, will they keep? I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who forgets to take pictures of everything I do :)

  3. So glad that you had a nice break. Love the ornaments - I know you will treasure them forever. You were busy making some nice gifts too! Great wind chimes - love the just seems peaceful.

  4. Enjoyed all of the projects and ornaments...glad you got to enjoy the last few weeks. Much happiness in the year to come!

  5. I hope you are all renewed and refreshed after your break. I made and gave a crocheted dishcloth also, but mine was a simple single crochet square that I made while riding on the trip to Nana's condo.
    Handmade gifts from the children are a precious treasure, aren't they?
    A very happy new year to all the IHAN staff and most especially to you.

  6. I love wind chimes and have a variety of sizes spread out around my yard, like you I find them so soothing and relaxing. Great to hear you had a peaceful and restful break.

  7. Did you take the screens out of your porch? Love your chimes. Peaceful.

  8. It sounds like your holidays were prefect for you and yes the soft tinkling sound of wind chimes is always relaxing though at this time of year I have to bring them inside. The intense winds during the winter are just too much for them.

  9. Hi Friend! What a lovely post, homemade gifts are the best:) I have decided to start my blog again, this time as jennalouisecreates. Life taught me a few lessons these past few years and I have come to realize what really matters is to focus on the things that make you happy:) Creating makes me happy and blogging was such a positive journey for me. I need to follow that road again, reconnect with blogging buddies and focus on the positive energy they create. You have been such a good friend, I am so lucky you live close by! I look forward to the blogging fun again!

  10. Really glad you enjoyed your break, we all need one once in awhile! Love the ornaments, and the handmade gifts, and I love Zach's pic for his dad. Your wind chimes sound lovely. Happy New Year, sweetie!


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