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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Be My Valentine?

What does "Be My Valentine" mean for you?
Is it about romantic love in your world?
Do you celebrate?
Send cards?
The stitching is perfection....and the fabrics....perfect harmony to achieve an energetic flow.
Do you feel the energy flowing from the thread?
The back stitching is a bit tough to see in this pix....but if you look closely you can see it...fine, delicate and echoing the time and attention given to this speaks volumes to me.

Who is included in your Valentine circle?

Do you celebrate as a family?

Yes, I really want to know.....what it means for you.....and I'll share what it means to me....

The love that was put into making the wall hanging Patsy made and sent to my mother while she was very ill.....that is the love I think about for Valentines Day.  Pure love and kindness....because as humans we are capable of such amazing opportunities to reach out and touch one another.... gently, kindly and with pure love.....and I believe the more we allow that gentle love to be expressed in our daily lives to everyone we come into contact with.....the more we can see that golden cord that connects us one to the next.

Now....ask Zach, the youngest co-worker and you'll hear all about  his experience:
Yes....he wore that hat to school yesterday.....oh my!
Valentines Day means getting little paper cards and sweet treats ....and of course a break from doing school work.

It's all about perspective and your vantage point.



  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Kelly, to you and to all of yours. It's a day that just reminds us all to love and to express that love as we can, when we can. Sending hugs and love to you and to yours!

  2. I agree with you about love. Valentine's Day has never been a romantic time for me. It is a time when I can express love as a friend to anyone. I will be your Valentine, if you will be mine.
    And Zach - in that hat - priceless. I admire his joy in life.

  3. Me.... I think it is a nice opportunity to break the ice... if you are interested in someone or a fun way to be friendly, but beyond that I think it has become much to commercial.

  4. We never celebrate Valentine's Day in any type of extreme. Why confine celebrating love to only one day? :)

  5. Well - I have to admit it - I loathe Valentine's Day, lol! All it means to me is it's the day before a great candy sale. What a lovely gift for your mum, though, and what a nice thing to do.

  6. HA - as usual, it means more chocolate tomorrow, for cheap, for us -aholics....and we know who we are! Love to you all!!


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