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Friday, February 27, 2015

How Do Your Bobbins Roll?

Do you remember this post, "How Do You Store Your Bobbins?"  I wrote it back on May 3, 2012. 
In that post I reviewed Handi-Bobs and Bobbin Mates along with suggesting a few other self made solutions to storing your bobbins.

In that post I demonstrated how you could use a simple pipe cleaner to store your bobbins.  A variety of colors could be used for the different thread weights (color code as you wish).
The pipe cleaners work nicely because the ends can be easily manipulated to accommodate any opening on the top of your thread spool.
 The bobbin rests nicely o top of this spool of thread.
 See how nicely the pipe cleaner holds the bobbin from falling out.

There is a new product on the market (not very easy to get because they have been on back order for months) that work similar to my pipe cleaner idea....they call them "Bobbin Buddies."
They come in 4 colors and the plastic tips fit through the center of the bobbin.

The Bobbin Buddies also fit the tops of a variety of spools of thread.  

Is it a coincidence that the new Bobbin Buddies use my concept?  I don't know.  What I do know is that I have a ton of great ideas for saving money and it is you can spend your money any way you wish..

Bobbin Savers is how I roll....the hold my Bernina 140 and 430 bobbins perfectly.  I inherited my Bernina 820 and along with it Mary Jane's bobbin storage.
She had this foam storage to hold the larger bobbins and I used a Large Bobbin Saver for the overflow.  I still don't know where she got the foam holder....but I still prefer the Bobbin Savers because they hold my bobbins nicely and I can stack them easily in my drawers.

Rolling with the Smiles,


  1. Interesting notion. I'm impressed with the number of bobbins you have for your new machine. MJ definitely had a great collection. I really like the foam cushion storage as you definitely don't want to scratch those bobbins or the Bernina will have problems reading the code strip.


  2. I like those donuts. I write on the back the thread weights I.e, 50/60

    1. Each donut features piecing weight, embroidery weight, large quilting weight, Invisalign/invisible weight, etc by number. That way I know which thread is paired to which task.

  3. I've been using the Bobbin Savers for years... I tried the Pipe Cleaner/Chenille method too, but too time consuming!!! and like you I like that I can stack them and the threads don't unwind either!!! I saw the clips at a shop the other day ... and moved right along. I have a method that works!

  4. Hi

    That foam bobbin keeper reminds me of the foam that market stall holders keep rings in.

  5. My grandmother used the pipecleaner way to hold her bobbins. My grandfather smoked a pipe so there were always a package of them by his smoking chair. I use the Bobbin Savers but will try the Bobbin Buddies. I like that new things are invented, it's fun to try them.

  6. I have two Bobbin Savers. One for my Bernina and one for the Featherweight. They are so easy to identify the thread colors quickly.

  7. I think I'll get some pipe cleaners, lol....what a great idea! I use the doughnut bobbin holder myself, just have to remember to keep it in a drawer as my bobbins get all dusty!

  8. I've been using your pipe cleaner method ever since you posted about it and love it. It works perfectly for me and I can keep all the spools on my thread racks.

  9. I don't have a ton of bobbins but I should buy more. I have a box that I keep my matching spool and bobbin in which keeps them together. Works for me.

  10. Very interesting concept. I love all the threads available today and one can never have enough bobbins:) Hope you are doing well, see you soon at quilt guild. Oh I did start blogging again...stop over to my blog when you can:) I missed all the great bloggers and postings I enjoyed so much:)

  11. Oh I forgot to mention I just posted the new Ohio 4-H Quilt Book "Quilting the Best Better" - it is published and in print! I am so excited:)


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