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Monday, March 23, 2015

Classes with Susan Brubaker Knapp

Probably by now y'all think I really didn't go to take classes with Susan....giggles.  The really good stuff is worth waiting for, in my opinion!  I figured most of you were out surfing the Internet for the World Wide Quilting Day stuff over the weekend and too busy to read my post anyway. 

 Susan's classes were held at the Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington, OH.  The art center was beautiful and such a lovely place to hold classes. 

The first day we worked on Susan's "Thread Sketching Snowflakes".  (As I am typing is actually snowing outside my kitchen window...I love snow!)

Susan's work....not mine.
This is a wall hanging and we started by using either the window or a light box to trace our snowflakes. 
 Rosemary aka Waldo was just humming along on her snowflakes.
This is as far as I got on my snowflakes because I was having trouble with the tension on my machine.  Ever notice your machine runs perfectly at home and then you pay for a workshop....ya arrive and your machine doesn't seem to work as well?  A bit frustrating but overall I really enjoyed myself.

Susan is an excellent teacher.  She provides clear explanations and has such a wonderful way of attention never wandered!

The second day we worked on "November Leaves".  Susan taught us about using fabric paint and Tyvek to create these beautiful leaves.
Again, Susan's "November Leaves"....not mine. 
Please keep in mind I pulled this right out of my sewing bag after having it all folded up and didn't take the time to press it.  I finished all the leaves and now I need to do the FMQing to finish it.  I'm feeling quite good about how my leaves came out.  

Below are more of Susan's art quilts that I photographed during our visit.  If you would like to see more of Susan's breath taking quilts, you can visit her Gallery on her website, Blue Moon or just click HERE

Nature and bright colors are my thing so it is not so surprising that I love Susan's work.  

 "Gourds" by Susan Brubaker Knapp (it is for sale :)

Here is a close up of "Gourds."  Check out how amazing this quilt is:
Doesn't it look just like a real gourd?  The color is amazing and texture is outstanding.  I sound like a stalker now don't I?  

I've been fortunate enough to be able to purchase a few of her pieces.
 "Vanity" by Susan Brubaker Knapp
You will probably recognize this peacock feather, it was featured on the cover of Quilting Arts Magazine as are several of Susan's other quilts.  I had it framed and it hangs in my bedroom.   

I'll tell you a little story about how I came to purchase Susan's quilts.  One year at quilt market, I was talking with another woman who had several successful quilting books published.  She told me how little money the authors typically earn from their books.  When I learned this I was surprised (ignorant of many things and still am).  Seeing Susan's work lifts my spirits and I wanted to make sure she profited the most from her I started purchasing her quilts.  Mr. McSteamy asked me what I wanted for our anniversary on our 10th wedding anniversary (if my memory serves me may not).  He was thinking diamonds and I was thinking Susan Brubaker Knapp wall I instead of diamonds I got a piece of her work.  Definitely a huge WIN/WIN!

Yes.....I really enjoyed myself and am so glad I was able to go and take some classes with Susan!


Oh, yes.....I'm giving away a copy of Susan's book, Point, Click, Quilt and you can click HERE to enter.  Comments for the giveaway will NOT be counted on this post (although you can certainly leave all the comments you want to here) just on THIS POST HERE.

It stopped snowing....darn!  Oh well....I guess there is always green grass and beautiful blooming flowers ahead.



  1. Amazing! Her designs are so beautiful!!

  2. I've always loved her stuff too, the leaves are really beautiful to me, but I've never seen that peacock feather before, it could be my new favorite. Much better than diamonds.

  3. You did well! Glad to see Rosemary's sweet smile. Sending both of you my love.

  4. Wow.... looks like you had fun fun fun!!!! Wish I could have been there too....

  5. Wow! YOUR leaves look amazing. I would be happy just to know how to do that part. Of course, I think I got all the possible entries for the giveaway. Here's hopin'

  6. It sounds like you're feeling better, I sure hope you are - a kidney infection sounds dreadful, and especially during a class!!! I love your leaves. I really like Susan's work, and am so glad that you were able to purchase a piece, especially that one - gorgeous!!!!!

  7. Can't wait to see what she does for your 20th! Y'all both look great, and both of your work is outstanding!!

  8. Great job on the leaves! The snowflakes look like fun. Too bad your machine acted up--that is so frustrating! I've taken a class with Susan & they are so fun and you learn lots!

  9. Great job on the leaves! The snowflakes look like fun. Too bad your machine acted up--that is so frustrating! I've taken a class with Susan & they are so fun and you learn lots!

  10. well yes!! been waiting soo so long to hear about it?!! icouldn't sleep {not really!}. lovely inspiration kelly! so lucky to get a chance to be in a class with her.. i can only dream! and you had beautiful results, too. nice pics! xo

  11. I am sure you learned a lot from her. her stuff is amazing. i like watching her on pbs tv.

  12. I had the snowflake class with Susan and love her work. It was so neat getting to see each piece she has done. Love the leaves!

  13. That looks like the kind of class I would enjoy taking....thanks for the post and inspiration


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