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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Working on Mary Jane's UFO's

Mary Jane Ehlich

When my dear friend was ill she assigned me the task of clearing out her sewing studio.  Between traveling back and forth and a surgery of my own, I was in PA as often as I possibly could be and doing my "job."  We managed to go through some things and assign them to new owners and the rest was generously stored at another friends home.  When I went back to PA for Mary Jane's funeral I had just a short time to go through the remainder of her things and rack my brain as to what projects I thought I could manage to finish for her and which would be better finished by the rest of her close knit quilting group.

I came across a bag of assembled squares and I thought....AH HAAAA....I can do that!!! LOL
When I opened the bag with the squares I noticed a page with instructions.  It became very clear that this was a group project (making the squares) and they were to be made into a charity quilt.  I assembled the blocks and finished this quilt top and it will be donated in her memory.

Do you think it needs a border?  There is some red fabric left and I was thinking about small dark border and red binding....what do you think?

You may have heard it is warming up here in Ohio.  From mounds of snow to giant puddles everywhere.....I will miss the snow greatly.  While dropping off Aaron this week I drove past a GIANT mountain of snow in a yard and my car came to an immediate stop and out came my cell phone.
This mountain of snow is over 7 feet tall and it has been melting....can you imagine?  Who ever piled the snow and then dug the tunnel is a super hero in my book.
This is a view just inside to the enclosed cave was dug in the side....blows my mind.
The view directly through the tunnel.  Sure makes the assembly of a quilt top look like a walk in the park doesn't it?

Before I go, keep in mind there are a few EXCELLENT Giveaways going on in the blogosphere:

Gene Black, Alabama Quilt Artist's is giving away two PDF copies of his  "Dance of the Japanese Lantern's" quilt pattern. CLICK HERE.

QuiltShopGal has a few giveaways on her informative blog.....she is one of the Quilting Industries Super Heros in my humble opinion.

Jack Dempsey Needle Arts Giveaway is  HERE.
A Modern Twist Giveaway is HERE.
Eco Plus Premium Felt Giveaway is HERE.

Best of luck in the giveaways!



  1. I saw a natural snow cave in Alaska, that looked similar to the one on your blog. The one I saw you could walk inside, standing up. It overlooked a meadow with bears, a big cove with jumping salmon. And no people around for hundreds of miles, other than us. Made me wonder who built it?

    Thanks for the shout out for my giveaways.


  2. Lovely quilt - you did a great job putting it all together! Hooray for instructions (and people that can/will follow them!)! She'll be smiling down on you for sure....and yes, I think you need a red border... :) Funny, coming from one who doesn't care for red.

  3. I think a border always makes a quilt look really finished.

  4. Your 'shoveling hero' probably has kids!!! and it was group effort???? How to keep kids busy after too many snow days!!! Dark border with red binding is perfect!!!

  5. I would only add the red border if the quilt needs it for size. Otherwise, I would just go with the red binding.

  6. It turned out great! I know she's smiling at you for finishing it. Hopefully the snow is gone by now... We've got 60 degrees today. And sun. Be jealous...

  7. I think the red binding absolutely, and maybe a small dark border. Up to you, dear heart....usually by that point, I just want it done, and forget the borders lol. That snow tunnel is amazing!!!! Still mounds of snow here too, and tons of puddles, but it will all be gone soon....yay!

  8. What a sweet friend would you like to come to Canada and help me out with all of my quilting I love the quilt and I would just bind it I don't think it needs borders. Hugs Sandra


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