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Friday, March 11, 2016

Perhaps I was wrong...

There is always the chance I did know what I was doing...LOL.  Remember when I recently said I tend towards the mess makers mind and my mess is typically un-contained?  I looked high and low and could not find my hexagon punch...
I found it...nicely tucked inside this lovely bag, made by my girlfriend Diane,  I had been using as a mini hexagon factory.

Now all I need is an APP called, "WITH IT."  That would be short for "Where The Hell Did I Put It?"  Wouldn't that be excellent?  We could snap a photo of our "stuff" and the app would have categories so we could remind ourselves later where we put our things.  I know I'm not alone you always remember where you put things?  I have a feeling I'm not alone...giggles.

What do I do with my time when I'm not searching for the things I forgot where I put?  According to my oldest son...not much.  He came in from school and was very upset with me recently.  I had "failed" to repair his prized possession, Tiggy. the world!  This is Aaron's life mate and he is 13 years old (looks like he is 100 I know).
Tiggy has had many surgeries over the years.  I remember my mother sewing his neck together at least twice and I've done it no less than 3 or 4 times myself.  A needle and thread wasn't going to fix him this time so I had to come up with a new plan.

I was downstairs  strategizing when Aaron approached and was standing guard over Tiggy....monitoring my every move.  "Mom do you have a nurses coat" Aaron asked.  "No sweetie...why do you ask?"  "I was just thinking you should be wearing a nurses coat and perhaps we should have a wheelchair too.  Tiggy would really like that."  He loves his Tiggy so much.

Perhaps next time we should rush Tiggy to the hospital and let the surgeons do the repairs...where they have real equipment.  Kids...I tell ya...
Wonder how long this patch job will last?  You know I'll be using this for his wedding photos....oh yes....this Momma will have the last laugh.  I'm so bad!

Evil Smiles,


  1. Why is always the necks? I've made too many repairs like that and now I think they all need scarfs, nice thick, warm scarfs sewn down.

  2. Where is it app would be nice. Also a sock wrangler app. Sigh, a life in which we don't lose stuff... We can dream!

  3. great job DR Kelly!! I've fixed a few bears too, and I have a bear that I had from my mom, so it's 65yrs old now, my dog had chewed a hole or two in it when I was little and my parents paid for a teddy bear doctor to fix it, but she did a horrible job, I have it here guarding my fabrics now and HIGH up on a shelf away from little fingers now

  4. That's why we should still have home economics in junior high school. How about teaching him how to repair it himself? I'm sure you could find at least one needle and some thread in a pinch! :)

  5. That would be a very useful app!

  6. Inspirational bag for a "mini hexi factory". I think you've inspired me to step up a notch my project bags, especially for travel.

    Glad to hear Tiggy has successfully gone thru surgery and doing better. May she/he last for many years to come (hopefully thru the next generation of IHAN).


  7. Don't you love it when you put things in a place that is too safe to remember? I do it all the time! :o/

    I'm glad to hear that Tiggy is on the mend!


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