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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Teh Mediaebal City of Perouges (Ain) France

 Happiest of Easter's to those of you who celebrate Easter.

We visited a Medieval Walled town yesterday.  People live in this village and it was amazingly beautiful.
The IHAN Clan
The Jackson's with our hosts, The Paret and Lepetit Family.

I hope you enjoy some of these photos.  Our host brought along his wonderful camera.  Unfortunately, I was so busy packing for 3 other people that I did not pack our traveling camera.

I understand there may be a Silk Museum and I am hoping to visit there....or at least a fabric shop.  

Last evening I wanted the earth to open and for me to fall deep inside.  The boys were actually arguing over a baguette!  Two children who have never gone a day with out enough food were fighting over bread.  I think because the bread here is soooooo gooooood.

Sourires (French for Smiles)


  1. Have a wonderful time. We went to Paris several years ago, and loved every single minute. Happy Easter!

  2. Great pictures. Glad your host was able to take photos for you. I've gone on trips and forgotten to pack a camera, or charger. Always seems it happens when you are on the most amazing trip that would yield great memory photos. Enjoy your trip.


  3. Ah, yes....we get used to poorly made bread here....and then when we taste the wonders of bread made the "old way" ---well it could make you a glutton. LOL

  4. How beautiful - I hope you're having the time of your lives!! Bring me back some bread [lol].

  5. Yum.... I love good bread too! Enjoy all that comes your way... make it an adventure of a lifetime!

  6. You're going to come back with your head filled with beautiful images!

  7. Paris is on my Bucket List! Have a wonderful time, XOXO


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