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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Charity Quilting....Getting Out of This Rut

I've been in this deep rut and I'm working to get out.  With much encouragement from friends I decided to sew.  When Beth suggested I sew something new and I thought she was nuts.  I have so many UFO's how could I start something new?  Then Rosemary/Waldo offered to make a charity quilt and insisted I make one too.  Karin continually sends me photos of her projects that are inspiring and finally a miracle occurred....I started to sew.

Note to self: When in a rut, one can not always see clearly or know what may be helpful, consider trusting your friends. 
I just paper pieced this wonky twin quilt top.  Initially I used paper Waldo gave me as the foundation and then I noticed that a cheap tearaway machine embroidery stabilizer worked perfectly (very little need to pick at tiny pieces of paper that can get stuck).  I highly recommend the cheap tearaway stabilizer and of course shortening the stitch length.

I used the Westminster 2 /12 inch strips I  won a few years ago.  I thought the bright fabrics might bring some fun to a person who is in need of cheering up with a free warm quilt.

So many scraps remain I decided to try piano keys along the border.  The width has not been decided yet but the photo above is just a trial to see how I like it.  What do you think?

On the subject of what do you you like or love your washer and dryer?  We are in need of both and I have to say we have been highly dissatisfied with machines for quite some time. 

This is the front of our washing machine.  It is a Kenmore Catalyst Cleaning Action King Size Capacity Plus Quiet Pak 4.  We bought at Sears approximately 8 years ago.  It has required 4 or more repairs in the past 8 years (not cheap to have a repair person to the house).  The power button wore down rather quickly and that was disappointing as well.

The heating element on the dryer has gone out and I recognize it can be replaced but the machine has been repaired once before.  Repair bills are now very close to the purchase price of a new machine.  

One problem with shopping local stores is the machines are not plugged in and you can't test them before purchasing.  No one tells you how quickly the buttons break or if there are secret re-set codes that are only provided to the service repair people.  

We once had a man come and push a few buttons and the washer began working again.  When it broke later, Rick had to pay to get the codes from the internet.  Other times a code would not suffice so we phoned a repair company.

My question to you is, do you love your washer and dryer?  If so, can you tell me briefly what it is you really like about yours and the brand/model you purchased? 

We have reviewed Consumer Reports and we did then when purchasing the Kenmore's 8 years ago.  This time, I'm going with a friends advise....I trust my friends to tell me what they honestly think.  

What happened to the good ole days where things were actually built to last and there were no secret codes requiring purchase?

Superbowl Sunday....I hope your team wins!  I have no team....but I thoroughly enjoy the 1/2 time show!



  1. That is a beautiful quilt and a nice way to get started again, while helping someone else. I just buy a machine, use it till it dies and buy another, lol. I try to get the best I can for the cheapest price, I know they won't last, so buying the fancy ones won't make any difference in how it washes or dries;)


  2. We bought a Speed Queen top loader. Expensive, but supposed to be longer lasting. I hate repairs. We've only had it a few months. It seems ok. Nothing to love or hate so far. So I guess that really doesn't help you, but I hadn't ever heard of them before the sales guy recommended them.

  3. I have the Whirlpool HE. I hate to say it, but we bought them about 8-9 years ago and they've been great - no issues at all. Now that I wrote that, it will probably fall apart tomorrow. ;-( Love the strip quilting.

  4. Recently bought a Speed Queen washer and dryer......a little more money but they are heavy duty and so very very quiet. No frills but they do a good job, and are commercial grade.

  5. so glad we could HELP!!! with the sewing part of your dilemma. As for the appliances. My washer and dryer are going on 17 yo and other than too low I am happy!!! Front loaders before they started to look like aliens with big eyes!!! I can only suggest that you NOT get Samsung or LG, repair parts are very hard to come by.... Now go sew something!!!

  6. I couldn't make a suggestion - mine are pretty old - think 20-some years.
    I have had to replace a belt, but I was able to do that myself.

  7. I just bought a new washer. They are all digital now! The first one I kept for a week and had it returned, it was too loud, fully digital and took about an hour and a half for a small load. The lids lock on all of them (hate that). The one I finally chose is a top loader GE, very large capacity, and at the low end of the digital scale. All it says on the washer is GE Deep Fill. My dryer is a GE Profile and it's years old and still doing fine. If I had children at home my washer would be a Speed Queen commercial. The repairman told us they were the best made now.

  8. Love that string quilt and so happy to see you sewing! You're right,things aren't made to last anymore. No more new appliances lasting 30 years! I have always used
    Kenmore because they are easy to DIY fix, except ones that have digital options..those need codes. The parts for Kenmore are fairly generic. We just Google our problem and troubleshoot from there. I will stick with basic option Kenmore machines. I do find that none of the brands clean the laundry like the ones we had years ago. Avoid fancy digital/electronic/computer type options!

  9. Have a Bosch set and not impressed. Just had the guy out last week and calling him back this morning, since still doing same thing.

  10. Love your top. I call that my mindless sewing. Don't have to really think about it, just sew.

  11. What a happy top. Glad you listened to your friend.

  12. I love the quilt, and I love that you are sewing again. Nothing like making something for someone to get out or ruts! And I agree, YAY friends to help us along!!!
    I don't love or hate my machine. I have a tiny little space for the laundry and had to go with the stacked duo. It has problems, so I won't even say where I got it or what it is (If I even knew that right now!) I had a repair guy out and the dang machine wouldn't replicate it's little twitch while he was here. He checked it and said everything was okay. On my very next load it twitched! I remember getting second or even third hand washers and dryers when my kids were young and I couldn't afford new and those things just chugged right along! It's a disposable age these days, and I hate that!

  13. Well, I do have more pics to send, and you already know how I feel about my Whirlpool Cabrio washer/dryer set (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'em!!). Plus, you already know how to use 'em, since you experienced them in both TX & FL. (heehee) I will admit we buy the maintenance policy on major appliances now (DickLuck and all...) and we did get the first washer totally replaced after the 3rd repair and the door was still broken. That was due to a faulty design, and they knew it, so there was nooooo problem replacing our 2 yr old washer with a brand new one, with the lid fully redesigned and machined out of metal instead of plastic. Our Samsung 'fridge is doing well now, too, thanks to its warranty...the rusted out pan inside the back panel has been replaced (20 minute fix!) and there's no more pooling water - it drains as designed now, noooo problem. It's going on 8 yrs old now, too, so if/when it goes again, if the warranty is still in place, we will have done well by today's standards.

    I am thrilled for you that you were able to get that top done...have you thought about how to quilt it? Might be a good time to try out one of those edge-to-edge CD's? You will definitely make someone's day when you get it done & gifted! Sending you sunshine & blue skies!!

  14. Sewing is the only way out of a rut...strip sewing, potholder sewing, new sewing..etc. I am driving the world of friends crazy with my rants...worse, it is I who am disgusted....My husband always said.."Go Sew"
    Now, the washing machine thing is so annoying. I have to get the bleed out of my quilt of many colors..within the past 50 years..surely the washing of the finished product left pink in all the white squares. When I went to soak something...the new fangled machine had no soak cycle...too much water...too energy efficient...crabby me!! Good luck

  15. LOVE that quilt top - I think the piano key border would look wonderful!!!
    Washer and dryer - well. My hubby can fix anything, so we've actually never bought one! People give us their old ones if we ever need one [once in 26 years], he repairs them and we're good to go. Dishwashers too. Stoves, you name it....he's pretty handy to have around, lol. Give me the old basic models any day. That includes hubby. *snort*


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