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Monday, December 4, 2017

The Rush

Let's start with the good stuff!!!

Goldie at 12 weeks!

After Thanksgiving, is the onslaught of Christmas Planning, Preparations and then the New Year, which brings all that turmoil of clearing and cleaning up of the Christmas Holiday and making pathways into the whole of next year!

Today is only the fourth of December and the statement above makes me want to pull the blankets back up for another hour or two of rest!!! The constant onslaught of sales pitches for the things we need to buy (for others or ourselves) to have it all just seems to take all the fun out of it for me.

At our house we have been simplifying... the last few years, especially with a puppy in the house. So now the Christmas Tree has to fit on a table top, and fortunately for us... that is all we need. Unless a child or company comes for Christmas, I save all that decorating time, which is nothing compared to the undecorating time!!! Nearly 90% of the ornaments on my "big" tree have been handmade and are pretty old and fragile. Not only do they have to all be unwrapped from the boxes, but they must all be rewrapped, and some have to be repaired before being put away.

As usual, time is of the essence for me... I have way more on my plate and have some deadlines to meet. Most of them of course in the quilting arena. Don't we all think it will only take a few minutes which is in reality HOURs.... to get done in our creative endeavors?

Later this week the Kentuckiana Longarm Group meets at Quilted Joy in Louisville. It is an informal group and we all take turns presenting something... In July I presented a bit on thread, not that I am an expert on thread for the Longarm. However, I concentrated on the general properties of thread; size, weight and content. For December I am up again... with my friend Linda... and we are doing a little something on labels, we call it Low Tech-High Tech Labels. Linda does the Low Tech side of it and I do the High Tech side of it. One of my quilt labels is featured on the Quilted Joy blog, (it is a book style)

So I am busy preparing... my information and pulling out a couple of quilts to share. We only have about 10-15 minutes each... so we have to keep the quilts to a minimum!!! And both of us are creating a handout...... about our labeling. I need to pare my info down a little!

In the meantime life with Goldie is careening along! She is now 12 weeks, had her first Vet Check... weighs in at 12 pounds. Next up rabies vaccinations and obedience training starts.

We have started teething... last week we had a little floppy eared pup, and then a one ear up pup and this week they are both up again.

I hope you are staying ahead of the December rush... and as always,

More Later- Beth


  1. Busy, busy. Well, the Universe put a stop to my business. I have a nasty cold and NO energy to speak of. I'm going to be doing some last minute shopping this year. I hope it's not too last minute, I have to send stuff to California!
    Goldie is growing so fast! I love when their ears are deciding which way to go! My girl just turned five months and has finished her ear phase and is now in the "I'll do what I want" phase! For the most part she's a good girl, just knows what she wants and goes for it!

    1. Claudia- She had a sister... that had floppy ears... at the breeder.... Good luck with the shipping, although I think anyone in CA would welcome rain!!! It would mean that the winds would at least be on shore instead of coming from the east!!! One of the few things I hated about living in S CA!!! Santa Ana winds.

  2. Lol, LOVE those floppy ears! Our decorations were scaled back to next to nothing when we moved into our camper full time. Didn't miss em a bit! Bought a tiny tabletop tree just to display my free standing lace snowflakes and angels for sale at craft shows, and we were good with that for years. Now we have a house again and Driver seems to think we need to buy every strand of led lights on markdown after the big day! They all came down from the barn loft today; guess I know what's on tap for tomorrow after PT!

  3. She is more than cute that Goldie girl :) You know what I thin of Christmas and would be more than happy to leave all this cold and darkness. But, The DH started a new assignment today and very few days are free between Christmas and NY this year. The oldest is not coming home for the first time ever, he works most day until NY when he will party a bit with friends. Got the thought today that I do not want to make any Christmas food this year, now how will that go with the other two men?


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