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Friday, December 29, 2017

New Year Perspective!

Wasn't it GREAT to catch up with Kelly? I don't know how she managed to have something new posted.... so often to the blog. I can barely think ahead... let alone back it up with pictures!!!

I have been thinking about and started to create a post about closing out 2017 or looking ahead to 2018... but everyone does that and in a week or so, we will all be ready to move on! I figure we would all do something differently, make better choices, save more, spend less, be more positive, laugh more, be a better person .... you know as we look backward or forward.... they all apply in both directions. Goal setting is like Resolutions... the are good until the next idea or opportunity comes along, and just like a chicken... we are drawn to the next sparkly thing or project! I belong to a loose creative group that is called the 'Sparkly Chickens' because we are always drawn off course by ....something.

I have tried the "word" for the year thing... several times but I always forget the 'guide' word I have chosen... around about the month of March or April, because the end of winter is near... and there is a new world beckining for us to come outside and play.

Most of us pick unrealistic.... ways to plan for the year ahead to overcome the boring- can you say exercise or lose weight, downsize the 'stuff' or clean something....or to laugh more, love more and not allow for serendipity, the unexpected and spontaneous opportunities we can't see coming. 

Me -I live for the opportunities that chance and change allow. To explore, experience and meet new people, different places or try new traditions;  to share tastes, customs and ideas, see something from a different perspective. I try to leave a little room while looking ahead for the unexpected something .... to happen while I muddle on with the daily stuff.

Happy New Year.... may it become everything you need it to be!  

More later! Beth (I promise more Goldie coming soon)


  1. I only picked a word of the year, once. It was 'progress'. I did make progress on many things that year. I'll just keep on sticking with that word for another 4-5 years. Maybe I'll get some UFO's done that way ;)


  2. Ugh - that's my word for how I feel about resolutions, words of the year, bucket lists, all of it! My goal remains the same, every year....just be a better person. To myself and others, and make sure I walk a mile in their shoes. Usually makes me a lot more tolerant & compassionate. But, seriously, this year, I want to do more Quilts for Kids and Comfort Blankets (for shelter pups & kitties). I also just signed up for the Blankets for Rhinos Facebook group - doesn't that sound like a worthwhile cause?

    1. Karen... Happy New Year!

      Yep, all that stuff about finishing up and accountability for the previous year and trying to line up stuff for the next year is just exhausting! I like your idea about being a 'better person' in general, because it is a GREAT way to live!!!

      Blankets for Rhinos... sounds like a good thing, but I have seen what Rhinos in the wild do... and well the blanket won't last long.

      More Later-Beth

  3. Cheryl! Happy New Year!

    I think 'progress' is a good word for many years!!! After all is does imply forward.... I did a UFO list (Judy Laquidara Patchwork Times) once, while in South Africa... got a few things done before real life... took over. That was progress!!!

    More Later-Beth


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