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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Modern Woes!!!

I wonder if they said the same thing about electricity and telephone when they became part of the mainstream of life?

In my case it has been mostly the Internet! I think we may finally have it all ironed out. Lucky for me I got the attention of the right person and have had a focused team attempting to get it all ironed out, at least from the pole to the house and the signal in the house!!! I am hoping I never have to revisit this again!!!

On the plus side the new computer is a nice addition, the old one still needs to be fixed, but I will have to wait on that.. Until I have 2 days to take it apart and then put it all back together!!!

Life aside from the ‘modern woes’ continues. Goldie is doing very well and I think she will get a clean bill of health either at the end of July or in the first week or two of August after her last sample is tested. In the meantime she will be under going a ‘Girlectomy’ 7/31. She will be rendered unable to reproduce after!

As I have been saying (over and over again)… I have been working hard behind the scenes at IHAN and changes will become apparent soon. So many little things to get lined up and the difficulties with the Internet did not make it any easier. But check back soon… lots of surprises, games and giveaways coming!!!

We’re going to have some fun and games in the meantime. Are you on Facebook or Instagram? Find and like “I Have a Notion” for future… games.

For now its a guessing game what do you think is coming? Leave a comment with your guess below. Three winners from the comments on this blog post. Winners announced on Monday evening.


  1. Both our dogs are now 'it's'. No puppies in our future. I'm not on any social media other than blogging or Pinterest (and never remember to check that). I'm betting that you are getting some new, different products to sell. Fabric, books? Hope the internet woes are over now.

  2. You've certainly had your share of computer and internet woes. New things? I'm thinking fabric or maybe tutorials.

  3. My "baby" girl is going in for a girlectomy sometime in early August. I had her scheduled a few months ago, but she decided that was a great time to come "into season". Then I took a three week trip in my little RV. When I came back and tried to reschedule, the hospital was tied up until August.
    As far as my guess goes...I'm thinking like most of the rest of the commenters...fabric! No matter what it is, I am looking forward to it!
    Thank goodness the internet woes are at an end!


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