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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stop Right NOW!!

I can hear Meatloaf in the background shouting that line from 'Paradise by the Dashboard Lights’. A totally different meaning as to why though.

We have been under some heat stress in Kentucky!!! Along with a huoutdoor weatherstationge chunk of the USA! STOP!! was what the outside part of the indoor/outdoor thermometer decided to say… the inside part was content though. I bought it when we moved to Chicago for $10 bucks in 2007. It has since lived in South Africa, Virginia and Kentucky!Pretty well traveled thermometer. I will miss it!

indoor weatherstationOn the other hand it has been upgraded! To a weather station. Now I will know so much more about what is going on… than just the temperature. Of course it was monumental getting it up. On a very bright hot morning…

Since it has been up highest temp it has recorded was 102, with a heat index of111. We’ve had exactly 1 thunderstorm since we put it up…. so the rainfall has not been significant really about 1/2 the amount showing, because I had to spend a day calibrating the little dump bucked…. a pain for sure. 

bandwidthAnother places I would like to shout STOP is with the Internet!!! Between the website  melt down again…. with a bandwidth cap reached. Nothing to do about that but wait. The Clearance Sale had something to do with it,I think. There are still have some things that need to go, so if you are looking for thread, machine embroidery designs or stabilizer… there is still plenty!!! EVERYTHING is at least 50% off!

This is not a heat map, but a map of an Internet outage. I am working on a solution and it is taking way more time than I anticipated! So far 3 dedicated months of all my comcast downcreative and otherwise unallocated time. Who knew that road block after road block would pop up. Most of them seem to have been technology related. Internet Service issues… outages, followed by Provider Equipment failures and then yep my computer failed. Nothing serious, just a power button that refuses to work. So days of a project that were not saved to the NAS (network area storage) device are stuck in that computer!!! So I have to back track… for the 3rd time!

I am not complaining… just disappointed that I do not get as much of anything done as I have on my imaginary timeline. I was hoping to be moving forward long before now!

Of course bringing a new computer up to speed takes a serious chunk of time too. I will try to not be so quiet and share more…. but I was really hoping to fill up all this quiet blank space with excitement and FUN!!!

Please Stay tuned. There really is LOTS more coming! And do check out the store, the Clearance continues!



  1. Sorry for all the tech woes. We finally got a cool front thru, but, our temps are rising again, as is the humidity. I don't handle humidity well.

    1. We usually have the really high humidity in June... but since spring didn't arrive until late May we are having it in July, with really HOT temps. Nope the climate is not changing!!! Hopefully the tech woes are done for a while. It has been a whole year of them for me.

  2. We're hotter than normal up here in the PNW. I'm fine with it though, unless of course, I have to go outside. I try to do that in the early AM, feeding animals and watering the veggie garden...which should be done in the morning anyhow. I put the sprinkler on the garden this morning because I was crushed for time. Ahem...I could not get my lazy behind out of bed for the longest time!
    As far as the tech stuff goes. My dog ate my wires! Yes, she did!!! I do feed her, I promise and she has several balls and chew toys in her yard, but doncha know? Those things are BORING! So my friendly internet dude came and fixed it all up for me. I'm going to have my son in law make me a false wall out there so Miss Sadie's diet of wires is no longer available.

    1. Hotter here than normal too. I water our garden late in the day, to cool the plants- they are wilting by 3-4 pm... and the cool water brings them back around. Best thing about the high humidity is the fireflies! Hum... about that dog. Goldie is still on meds, so still feeding 3 meals 8 hours apart.... taking a few more naps tho!


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