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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quilted Love Gone Wrong by a Grumpy Ole Lady :)

At the risk of sounding pathetic, I want to say the past three weeks have been very trying.  I don't want to go into all the glorious details....just know...."It's always Something!!" 
I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday (Monday on the other side of the globe :) and if you like Valentines Day....that you are enjoying that as well.
My goal was to make a Valentines wall hanging.  I had the nerve to "want" to do something for myself.  There have been a thousand challenges along the way.  The good news is, I have some pictures of my unfinished Valentines wall hanging and I will be hanging it up and keeping it up until after May when Rick and I celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary!!!
I received this free pattern from AccuQuilt and I thought it looked interesting.  Last Monday when I went shop hopping with friends I bought these fabrics.
The Heart Die for the AccuQuilt Go is on one strip with three different size hearts on it.  I only wanted to fussy cut one heart at a time so I covered the rest of the hearts with a cutting mat so my fabric would not get cut except for where I wanted it to be cut.

Then I butted another mat up against the other mat and ran it through the AccuQuilt Go.  There may be other ways to accomplish this task but it was how I decided I would do it.
Wahhhh Lahhhhh a beautiful fussy cut heart!!
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I drew reference lines on my background fabric so I would not have any of my hearts out of alignment.  I used the Clover Water Soluble Marker.  I love these markers.  I've never once had a problem with them and they show up great on dark fabrics.

(backing up a bit) I had ironed some fusible on the back of my fabric and then quickly remembered why I prefer Misty Fuse.  The stuff I started with did not even stay on my fabric, it kept separating.   Misty Fuse is light and holds every time without making my applique stiff.  Live and learn....then re-learn.  I know how to frustrate myself very well.  So I re-cut my hearts using Misty Fuse :)

This is my unfinished wall hanging.  I started stitching around each heart last night and was concerned I did not have enough thread.  What else could go wrong?  After all, I had already blown a fuse and blew out the electricity in the basement, used junk fusible.....running out of thread would be par for the course.  (whine, whine, whine....forgive me please!)

These are pictures of my very first Sugar Cookies!!  I needed to make some for Zachary's Valentines Party at school.  I'd never made them before much less make icing for them. 

Posted by Picasa

See, they came out pretty.  I was not too thrilled with how I had iced them.....but some were prettier than others.  Still, I had fun and was proud that I did not buy them at the store....I made them myself.

The IHAN co-workers show off their Valentines Treats from Mommy & Daddy this morning:

So, that is why I have not posted in three days.....cuz I've been kicking and screaming like a little child because things keep going haywire.  I think I have a case of the crabbies....mean ole lady syndrome.  I will emerge from this soon.....or I will keep sweeping up the dirt from the plant that I've knocked over twice already :)

Grumpy Smiles,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now You're Talking

I saw this in a shop window while we were out shop hopping.  I would love to get a box of thread like this for Valentines day....wouldn't you?  How fun is this?


I'm drowning in things "to do" today.  The boys have been home from school the past two days.  Today is their Valentines parties at school, a spelling test and a Super Reader day (Aaron has to read out loud to his classmates). 

The last few days have been filled with sledding and preparing for today.  They have Friday and Monday off I only have a few hours before I head to the school for their parties and then whisk them off to a Cub Scout "Go See It" at the local television studio.  Sooooo....I will leave you with this fun quote I read this morning from a little book, "The Portable Life 101."

Don't worry about losing weight (ugh!), think about using weight (oh, boy!).  The good news about being "overweight" is that you have lots of stored energy to do all the things you want to do.  It's your energy-bought and paid for.
Since I've found a little extra energy....I think I'll use it today!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shop Hopping-Snow Shoveling-New Purchases and Da Loom

In the lane, snow is glistening....hmmm hmmmm....we're happy tonight dancing in a winter wonder land!!! those might not be the exact words....but perfect for this weather.  I love the snow....isn't it beautiful?  This is out our front door.


This is a photo near the bridge in Maumee.  I thought the snow on the river was pretty too.  I take the boys sledding not far from here.

On Monday I got to go to 5 different Quilt Shops in Michigan with some fun gals.  We started out at 9:00 in the morning and we got back at 4:30.   I've never been to any of the stores before so I had a great time.  I got a scissor fob for my favorite pair of Dovo Scissors.  I love these scissors and I think they deserved a beautiful bobble to identify them as mine (as thought I would let anyone ever walk away with
I found this fabric in a fat quarter bin and they did not have any left on the bolt.  Ohhhh darn....I love these colors.  I bought two fat quarters and have absolutely no idea what I will do with them.....but I love them and that was good enough for me.

I also bought a new foot for my sewing machine and some other fabric that I'm not showing yet.  I'm hoping the boys get outside to play with a babysitter later today and I'm going to put together my Valentines wall hanging.  I love the fabric and I hope it turns out beautiful.

Sandy brought this to a meeting last Monday.  I had never seen a loom like this before.  She said it was  faster than knitting a pair of socks.  I'm not a knitter but this looks like something I could do.  I found it fascinating.  Here is a link that I found when looking for them on the internet.

Da Loom
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Sandy said she uses thin yarn and if my memory serves me correctly she said it had some wool in it too.  Da Loom website gives you all the information you need including a video.  So cool.

Snowman Smiles,

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Have A Notion Employee Update much sewing did I get done this weekend?  NONE.  Here is my "excuse"...I mean JOY.

Snow hill here we come....oh yea baby!!!

No, this is not a photo of a long lost daughter.  I have not been keep secrets about the mail man and myself.  This little angel was just sledding on the hill with us and her Grandmother said I could take her photo.  I was captivated by her curls. 

I started thinking about the portrait quilts people have done. Can you imagine doing one of this angel? One question: How would anyone capture those curls? It is beyond me. Anyway....she is beautiful and we all shared sleds and our snacks so she was part of our Posse for the day.

Do I just take my two sledding?  NOPE.....we take as many as will fit in our van.  Four little fellas spent 3 hours sledding and then we went on "An Adventure."

On another subject:

A few weeks ago, I decided to bring out our cloth napkins.  We used them daily before the boys were born.  Now time has passed and the co-workers are 5 (soon to be 6 in May) and 7, so I pull out the cloth napkins.  Aaron comes to the dinner table and asks, "Momma, what are these?"  I explain that they are dinner napkins and Mommy and Daddy used them everyday before they were born and now they are old enough, Mommy has decided to use them again.  Aaron and Zach were fine with this idea.  It was difficult for them to consider wiping their faces on cloth....but....they actually did it.  The next night, Aaron comes into the kitchen.....looks at the dinner table.....and says, "Oh Rags again Mom (in a tone of voice that one might expect if they were being given hot dogs for the 12th night in a row)?"  Can you imagine?  I laughed and laughed and could not wait to tell Rick.  So the next time you are using a cloth napkin....remember you are using a "Rag" and not a fine dinner napkin.  ROFL

Meet Pickles, my nephew.  I won't tell you his "real" name because he is a teenager....and you know how they can be.  He was visiting and his JoJo (IHAN CEO) made him do his homework.  He was not too thrilled about the book so I told him I had this special reading hat that I found helpful when reading.  He never questioned me....Pickles just sat there.  I approached him from the side and put a pair of the boys boxers on his head.  I only wish the other leg would have continued to stay up.  So when you need help don't necessarily need a brighter light or even your may only need a pair of Pirate Boxers!!!

So....this is why I did not get one bit of stitching done.  Someone has to soak up all these wonderful might as well be me :)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Creative Grids Rulers

I have seen all of these Creative Grids Rulers demonstrated several times. They are so cool. I bought myself the Kaleidoscope Ruler last week.  Checker Distributors has a link on their website for directions for using each one of these rulers.  Check out these directions for using them. I think people see the rulers and wonder to themselves, "what do I do with that?" Wonder no more.

I hope this helps explain how to use each of these rulers.  You will need Adobe PDF to load the instruction pages. 

I'm a visual learner so having these instructions really help me when I'm using my tools.  I hope they help you too.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Special Discounts for IHAN Blog Readers from Joey & Aleethea's Esty Shop

It's not like I don't sell everything at great folks are throwing their discounts into the ring for IHAN Blog readers too.  We keep this up and we're going to be having free stuff soon!!!  (a teaser for March...he he he)

Remember this post about Joey & Aleethea's Esty Shop?  I was not expecting this reply:

Awww thank you so much for the feature!!!! You're so completely sweet, and I totally appreciate it!! Thank you also for the kind comments! If you want anything in your size -- I would be thrilled to make it for you!! hehe. :D If any of your readers would like to place an order please do enjoy a 15% discount with code "Kelly ROCKS!!"

Isn't that extremely generous?  I know, as many of you know, the time it takes to gather the materials, buy the materials, make the items, and then photograph the items and finally list them for sale in a Esty Shop.  Then there is the packaging and shipping time and effort.  So to offer a discount is HUGE....because that is truly a gift of time and energy.  So take advantage of this opportunity, click here and get your Monsters some Monsters....or Peace Signs...or Owls....what ever is your fancy :) 
Keep in mind, these are not friends or family of mine.  I was doing what I typically do when I see something I like....I tell everyone about it.  They are showing their appreciation by offering a discount to you.  Now that is what I call Generous!! 

Friday, February 5, 2010

Moda Bake Shop Delivers Again and Again and Again

Again, and Again, and Again!!!  Has anyone ever looked at the Moda Bake Shop and said, "Yuck?"  It has never once happened to me.  Not even one time.  Every time I get their e-mails from United Notions/ Moda I read it from beginning to end....not scanning....actually reading and then I have to go and see what they have in the Bake Shop. 

The little girl in me wants one of these on the back of my kitchen chairs.  We could all leave little love notes for one another during the week.  A compliment for the boys....or a hot love note from Rick....or perhaps a place to put movie tickets to surprise him for a weekend date.  I don't think these are just for Valentines Day do you? 

We could even do a huge swap....where everyone makes a few and then swaps with someone else.  You know the coordinator is not going to be me....cuz I got way tooooo much on my plate (yes I know the word is have....I was educated  However, if you are so inspired....let me know and I'll sign up!!!

How about a new Ironing Board Cover Swap?  Anyone want to coordinate that?  I think these rock.  So much fun and cheerful too.  I'm not sure I would want to use it though....what if it got dirty?  I would cry and cry and then cry some more.  It is beautiful and I would not want to ruin it.  I think it would make a wonderful Birthday gift for almost anyone don't you?

technologically transported (TT) to

Now I've awoken from my slumber....I'm off to fund-raise for the boys school.  A Mommy's job never ends....and the pay doesn't either :)


Are they saying Lilly or Kelly?

Well, I think this video captures exactly where I am this morning.  I was smiling and happy when the boys were getting ready for school.  Zach was singing and Aaron was proudly showing off the new paper airplanes they "guys" made last night.  Then, the bus arrives and just as the bus door closes....Zap....lights out.  From Smiling to sound asleep....or just after this post....zonkers.  Too many nights up with sick people makes one IHAN CEO Zonked!!! 

Notice how Lilley smiles and then her head rolls to the side.  That is me right now....I just hope I don't drool on the sofa!!



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kaleidoscope Kreator 3

Can you believe I made this in less than 5 minutes after installing Kaleidoscope Kreator 3?  After I saw  a few of these I knew I had to have this for my scrapbooking, card making and quilting.  It is tooo much fun. may begin snapping photos of strange things just to see how it looks in a Kaleidoscope. 

My youngest co-worker is home from school sick (again) today. We had very little sleep last night so he was frustrated when I sat down at the computer to to some business. So I got him on my lap and we opened photos of him and put them into the software. He absolutely loved it and we both laughed so hard. We made on pix that looked like he had 6 fingers on a cracked us up. Like I said, "Beware."  Consider yourself forewarned :)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some of the cutest children's clothes at Joey & Aleethea's Esty Shop

I have always found it difficult to get really neat things for my boys.  When they were problems!!  But when they were toddlers and even now, I find it very difficult to find things that I really like and think they will like as well.  I've found one shop that has great things for boys as well as girls so you know I had to tell everyone about it.  It is an Esty shop, Joey & Aleethea's

I want to know if I can get these in adult sizes too!!!  Can you imagine my husband, myself and the boys wearing one of these....I would love it :)

Now, am I right or am I right?  Aren't these just the cutest clothes for little ones?  You can browse through their Esty Shop by clicking here. 


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Need Some Humor?

I got this from Joanie's blog .  When I saw it....I laughed and just loved it so I thought I would share it with all of you.  I hope it offends no one...however....there is always that forgive me in advance and pretend you never saw it.

Can you imagine?  Someone is now going to do some art ear muffs made from old bras I just know it.


Monday, February 1, 2010

I Love Bird Brain Designs Patterns, Check These Out

I am on Bird Brain Designs mailing list.  I get e-mails updating me on their latest patterns.  I always love seeing what they have to surprise me with.  You can get a free pattern of this lovely pin keep below by clicking hereIsn't it great that they share free patterns?

Wouldn't you just smile every time you took out your pins if they were in one of these pin keeps?  I would....I think it is so much fun.  I'm sort of a sewing do dah fan though.  I could never have enough beautiful pin keeps or pin cushions.  I could even use more scissor fobs for my growing scissor collection.

Look how pretty these are.  I really like the design on the black background.  They have patterns and full kits including patterns as well. 

Ok....I love this one too.  See what I mean?  Every time I open their e-mail I know I'm going to want what they have. 
Thank you Bird Brain Designs for giving me the "oh I just love that" feeling and the generous free pattern.
Do you have a favorite sewing do dah?  Share it with us so we can all enjoy these beautiful creations.


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