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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quilted Love Gone Wrong by a Grumpy Ole Lady :)

At the risk of sounding pathetic, I want to say the past three weeks have been very trying.  I don't want to go into all the glorious details....just know...."It's always Something!!" 
I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday (Monday on the other side of the globe :) and if you like Valentines Day....that you are enjoying that as well.
My goal was to make a Valentines wall hanging.  I had the nerve to "want" to do something for myself.  There have been a thousand challenges along the way.  The good news is, I have some pictures of my unfinished Valentines wall hanging and I will be hanging it up and keeping it up until after May when Rick and I celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary!!!
I received this free pattern from AccuQuilt and I thought it looked interesting.  Last Monday when I went shop hopping with friends I bought these fabrics.
The Heart Die for the AccuQuilt Go is on one strip with three different size hearts on it.  I only wanted to fussy cut one heart at a time so I covered the rest of the hearts with a cutting mat so my fabric would not get cut except for where I wanted it to be cut.

Then I butted another mat up against the other mat and ran it through the AccuQuilt Go.  There may be other ways to accomplish this task but it was how I decided I would do it.
Wahhhh Lahhhhh a beautiful fussy cut heart!!
Posted by Picasa 
I drew reference lines on my background fabric so I would not have any of my hearts out of alignment.  I used the Clover Water Soluble Marker.  I love these markers.  I've never once had a problem with them and they show up great on dark fabrics.

(backing up a bit) I had ironed some fusible on the back of my fabric and then quickly remembered why I prefer Misty Fuse.  The stuff I started with did not even stay on my fabric, it kept separating.   Misty Fuse is light and holds every time without making my applique stiff.  Live and learn....then re-learn.  I know how to frustrate myself very well.  So I re-cut my hearts using Misty Fuse :)

This is my unfinished wall hanging.  I started stitching around each heart last night and was concerned I did not have enough thread.  What else could go wrong?  After all, I had already blown a fuse and blew out the electricity in the basement, used junk fusible.....running out of thread would be par for the course.  (whine, whine, whine....forgive me please!)

These are pictures of my very first Sugar Cookies!!  I needed to make some for Zachary's Valentines Party at school.  I'd never made them before much less make icing for them. 

Posted by Picasa

See, they came out pretty.  I was not too thrilled with how I had iced them.....but some were prettier than others.  Still, I had fun and was proud that I did not buy them at the store....I made them myself.

The IHAN co-workers show off their Valentines Treats from Mommy & Daddy this morning:

So, that is why I have not posted in three days.....cuz I've been kicking and screaming like a little child because things keep going haywire.  I think I have a case of the crabbies....mean ole lady syndrome.  I will emerge from this soon.....or I will keep sweeping up the dirt from the plant that I've knocked over twice already :)

Grumpy Smiles,


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I think we all have those weeks now and then, but boy did you conquer it with that quilt and the yummy cookies. I love the way you fussy cut the hearts. I know this week will be much better for you!!
    Take care,

  2. Looks to me like you've been busy having fun. Sorry you've had some behind the scenes kicking & screaming.

    You are the first that I've seen fussy cut the hearts with the AccuQuilt. I've done some fussy cuts with basic shapes, but not hearts. Your approach to cutting makes sense, but I've also had good luck feeding the die from the other end, with the mat covering the entire die, even though I only wanted to cut one item on the die.

    I love, love, love your Valentines-to-Anniversary Quilt. Just beautiful. I haven't finished my quilt either!!!! And I love your cookies. I love making valentine sugar cookies, but I didn't find time this year. Wish I could pop over and eat some of yours!

    You are a very talented and thoughtful woman!



  3. It happens to the best of us! Make yourself happy and hop over to my blog for a surprise!

  4. Hey Kiddo!! Smile!! LOVE all of the pictures, especially of the "staff". Hope things get really better for ya, really, really quickly...

  5. Sorry you have had it ruff....but tomorrow is another remember what you and I were complaining about a few weeks happened again...within a weeks time...sheweeeeeeeeeeee no now we both have something to whine want some cheese with that?

    Love your cookies, so envious of your fabric day!!

  6. Oh those boys! Adorable! You are so good natured Kelly! Only you can be so productive AND make a crappy day look and sound like fun!

  7. I usually don't like hearts, but the fabrics and the way you have them arranged are very appealing to me. I may have to make one of those.

  8. Hang in there kiddo! This too shall pass.

    I love the fabrics you chose for your heart wall hanging.


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