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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Retro Aprons by Cindy Taylor Oates

This is the best photo I have right now of Megan in her apron. She really liked it. I heard several people say they wanted one too.

This is the pattern I used to make her apron. Isn't it sooooo cute? I had to change threads and feet a few times but it was well worth it. Cindy Taylor Oates has other very cute designs on her blog. You'll have to check them out. I used batik fabric. Because there is no right and wrong side to the fabric it made the pattern a zip for me to follow. I don't sew from clothing patterns very much so I have to depend on my Mother or friends to help me when I get stuck.

Today I hit the ground running...literally. VBS started this morning for the boys. It was 8:30 when my eyes popped open. I had slept through my alarm. Guess I was pretty tired ay? So off we go to VBS and we arrive on time. Score a point for the Jacksons :)
Then I rush back home to unload suitcases and sort the laundry. I put a load in and quickly answered some e-mails. I unloaded the dishwasher and swept the kitchen floor. Called to re-schedule a Dr. apt (the only time they had available was 1:00 today).
The doctor was one hour behind. Two hungry boys were very difficult to keep quiet and peaceful for an hour. So my nerves were pretty much shot by 2:00 when we got out of there. Then over to McDonald to get them something to had been torn the past week. Now please....this building was just fine. Who has the money to just tear down a perfectly good building just to update the place? (don't answer that....we to keep up with BK I guess). So I hit the Wendy's all the while the boys are very upset that their McDonald had been torn down. Lovely!!!
I get their lunches and open them and give them their lovely "fast food/unhealthy" lunch. Then I drive over to the recycle center to make perfect use of my time while they eat. I get my box tops off the cardboard cartons and my extra coupons from the newspaper bin. That takes all of 12 minutes.
I head for the freeway to come home when I remember the Eye Glass shop had phoned while we were away and my glasses are ready. We quickly get my glasses and arrive home at 4:00. The boys were whipped out and I was whipped out squared. I guess that would be WO2.....or something like that!! Could have been cubed I was so zombified.
I got the boys down for a nap and returned to the laundry. What do I find?
Oh NO!!! .....please, please, please don't let this be happening to me.

This is a picture of Rick's shorts. I bought these for his birthday. Know what that is in his pocket? might have been a relief.....then I would have made him clean it up or his girlfriend. LOL ... This is a red crayon that Rick put in his pocket while out for breakfast with the boys on Sunday morning. Yes it went through the dryer and yes the load was full. The beautiful shirts we got the boys for the wedding, new socks, shirts, pajamas, pants, underwear, oh yes....all with red crayon. The dryer was covered. While my head was inside the dryer so I could see every area I needed to clean, I was thinking to myself.....don't sweat the small stuff.....this is just another adventure.....look at the bright could have been worse.....then I called my Mother and begged her to shoot me. No I cleaned it up and I'm still washing the clothes to see if the rest comes out.
Crooked Smiles,


  1. Owww-ZA! Is he still standing? TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Oh Kelly what a day!!! Hope you have success in getting the red out :-)

  3. The apron is lovely and so is the young lady.

    sorry about your crayon mess....hopefully, you get it all out and life back to normal....what is normal?

  4. Please let us know how you get the red out

  5. Oh. I think I'd have called it a day. Hope that you are successful getting out the crayon. Good luck!

  6. I can't tell you all the stuff that I have washed and or dried over the years, but I think the worst was silly putty that my youngest son had put in his pocket. It washed ok, but oh the mess it made in the dryer!


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