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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gifts, Blocks and Puppies

Can you believe this?  It is a hair clip with the IHAN colors and theme.  My girlfriend, Starr, made this and sent it to me.  She is a wonderful punchneedle artist and she designed this and sent it to me for my birthday.

And this bracelet too.  Aren't they beautiful?  Her finishing work is amazing....there is not one clue as to how she got the punchneedle adhered to the bracelet or the hair clip.  Amazing!!

Picasa and Blogger are still arguing so this post is sort of short. 

Below is a block I made for a special gal in PA.  I used the AccuQuilt Rose of Sharon Die to cut the flowers.  Truthfully, I made this block twice.  The first time I used Steam a Seam Lite and with three layers of fabric the flower felt like cardboard.  Then I used Mistyfuse and the flower was much more flexible.  The flower looked flat to it was missing something.  So I drew a circle on some weavers cloth and used my punchneedle to make the center.  After I stitched it to the block I could see the edges so I did a embroidery stitch around the center to hide the place where I joined it.  A friend suggested a little bead to look like a drop of water. 
So what do you think?  Be honest....afterall....I asked for your opinion.

"See how good we are Mommy....we sit so pretty."  Ya think they wanted a little puppy treat?  I thought so they each got one. 

Anyone know when Picasa and Blogger are going to make up and be friends again?



  1. Love it and a wonderful way to embellish a flower.
    I use yarn to bind my edges, that would work on a flower too, just tuck under your edge and couch the yarn over that.


  2. I looked at your flower close up and it looks really good. I love how you added the accents. The bead and the punch-needle work makes it even more special. Love it!

    Awwww, those puppy faces. Precious! I'd give them a treat, too!

  3. Interesting note about the misty fuse. I bought some from you but haven't tried it yet. I wondered if it would be different than the steam a seam. Now I know :-) I like the idea of flexible.
    I love the flower you made...the water drop is a nice touch.
    And if I wasn't already a follower...those pup pics would get me signed up immediately. Those two are too adorable!

  4. Wow, three cool things! I love the barrette! And your block is awesome, love the fuzzy center and the dewdrop.

    Awww, puppy luv....

  5. Love the flower. The little drop of water bead is perfect. Happy quilting!

  6. Kelly, I love your rose, the little bead does look like a dew drop.

    As for Blogger and Picasa, I am not having any problems at this point in time. Have you tried clearing your "cookies" and cache and then signing in again?

  7. Oh yes... My package of MistyFuse had been "lost" for weeks. I finally found it last night. Yaaaay!

  8. That is a sweet gift from your friends.

    Those puppies - Well, they are pretty darn cute!

  9. I really like your block and would never have thought of that way to put together fabric and punchneedle. Very cute and the water droplet just caps it off. I'd give the puppies treats too!

  10. OK, I'm being honest! Her work is amazing, but then I see your block, and I'm blown away again! Love the bead of "water" on the flower. Really creative, with the punch needle part.
    Jacque in SC

  11. What a fun hair pin and bracelets....and your rose of sharon is just awesome!!

  12. I love the Rose of Sharon. It is awesome. You did a wonderful job on it.
    But my favorite is Picasa and Blogger. OMG They are adorable. What breed are they. Just too cute for their britches.
    I love the barrette and bracelet. Very pretty and creative.

  13. p.s. Just so you know, as of 11:05, neither the picassa test or the dovo test posts were available.

    If I weren't so lazy, I'd go find a new way to blog. I suspect blogspot is so big they haven't upgraded their equipment or something.

  14. What special gifts! I love the addition of the charms. I also love the needlepunch and dew drop on your flower...give it so much texture. Okay, I also LOVE those cute faces, I wouldn't be able to resist them either.

  15. TOTALLY awesome, special, thoughtful gifts. You must be a VERY special lady !!! Yeah, you are!!

    Look at those adorable faces. How can they EVER be bad?

    Your ROS block is so different - and that's why I like it - it pops!!

    And you know me well enough by now - I am a GO lover.buloso

  16. I love the gifts and the new co-workers are not only adorable, but have really grown!!

    The Rose of Sharon's really very beautiful, and I love the bead and the texture of the needlepunch. But you asked us to be honest, and the truth is that I think it needs a little something more in the center. If it were mine, I think that I'd somehow add some other color and texture in there, like perhaps a few french knots or beads in a brown or something. It doesn't need many, but the solid color needs just a touch of a darker color sprinkled through it.

    Also, a trick that I learned awhile back on the fusibles to prevent it from getting too stiff with multiple layers is to cut much of the fusible away leaving a narrow band around the edge. That way, when you stack the layers, there's basically only one layer in most spots.

  17. Your flower is beautiful! Mistyfuse is an awesome product.

  18. Love that Misty Fuse! Great flower. Love those puppies, too. . .

  19. Just gorgeous! Maybe you should make one for all of us! lol Sometimes when I fuse, and I am layering fabrics, I use the fusing on the edges only and cut out the backing after fusing and securing. It makes it not so thick. Really,'s just beauticious!


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