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Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Highlights and Purchases from Cincinnati International Quilt Festival 2011

Wendy Richardson, Artist/Owner

Wendy's booth really slowed me down.  I had not seen such interesting dyed fabrics and I wanted to see this piece below close up.  This photo does nothing for the actual piece....I promise you that.

Isn't it absolutely beautiful?  I loved studying it and was so greatful that Wendy said I could take a few photos to share with all of you....THANK YOU Wendy!!

Here is Wendy holding up my purchase.....
I don't have a project in mind yet but I know they were so unique that I could not pass them up....nor could I pass up the opportunity to support a fine artist.
 See the can see it but you can't really feel it....interesting ay?

Now on to the next booth that I could not resist:

Jamie Malden, Owner

Check out these wood carved stamps....yes...I said they are carved into wood.  Look what she does with them....
Stamps on fabric and the funny part is that she would cover up fabrics that she thought were ugly with some paint and then stamped on them.....makes you want to save all that not so pretty fabric doesn't it?
This was the banner behind Jamie's booth.  Hmmm...wonder what country she is from....NOT! : )  Below are some other samples she was stamping during the show.  The paint dried very fast so she was able to keep stamping over the images.  I was told you can use any fabric paint (fabric ink can be turned into paint by mixing it with 100% Pure Aloe Vera) do need to heat set it as well.

I purchased this starter kit and two additional larger stamps (bottom left of photo).  Can you blame me?

I didn't get photos of the Fern Hill Booth....but here is my purchase.

I could not resist this panel from Fern Hill .  The panel is Daydreams  by Stephanie Brandenburg.  It came with all 4 flowers and I bought three coordinating pieces too.   I have not seen any fabric this bold and beautiful on this scale I was very excited :)

Judy Gula
This "oh so tempting booth" was done by Judy Gula and her friend Liz Kettle.    This is a great photo of Lois Grabowski with Liz Kettle....Liz is one of her idols. 
Liz has co-authored two books, Threads, The basics & beyond, and Fabric Embellishing, The basics & Beyond.  I have blogged about Liz before and I have told folks how talented she is and how great excellent both books are.  So you know I cracked up when I saw Lois' blog post about  Threads. She was so excited and went on and on about how good it is.  I must say I did take the pleasure of e-mailing her and saying...."I told ya so!"  I could not help it....besides...we are friends so she could take the ribbing.
These were my purchases from Artistic Artifacts....some Aboriginal fabric and some fun silk wisps or what ever you call them for embellishing and textile arts.  

I have some splanin' to do about this here little packet.  Remember when I said I'll never do another challenge again?  Well all I have to say is "Never Say Never" as long as you live....cuz I'm doing an Art Quilt Challenge sponsored by Artistic Artifacts and Moonlighting Quilts.  I told Lois if she would do it then I would do it.  We signed the little agreement and took our packets.  "What does Power Suit Mean to you?" is the theme.  

Now all of this would be managable....EXCEPT for one small detail......the next day we go back to Judy's booth and who is standing there accepting a challenge packet?  Take one guess?  It was none other than Pokey Bolton the editor of Quilting Arts Magazine (the only magazine I subscribe the way).  Tell me I'm not feeling sick. I hope their are categories of the idiot....that one would be for me :)

I really had a great time with Lois and I got the opportunity to meet so many other quilters and bloggers....more on that soon.



  1. Such fun stuff Kelly!! and yep...never say never cause you know if you do you will end up doing what you say never too.

  2. That fabric is interesting. Isn't it amazing what people do with their creativity? I never cease to be amazed at why everyone else got it and I didn't! LOL
    Thanks for sharing this awesome stuff:)

  3. Wonderful quilts and always love seeing art pieces done with specialty fabrics and embellishments. Looks like you got some nice goodies to play with.


  4. I know... when I saw her pick up her packet I got scared....We can do it... right? tell me we can... please?

  5. What great purchases. Look like you had a wonderful time.

  6. The quilts are so beautiful. What an amazing job. I love color. I can't imagine going to a show like this. So much to see and buy.

  7. Sounds like you had a great time. That hand-dyed fabric is really nice.

  8. I need to go shopping with YOU - I love every single thing you got! Those textured-looking fabrics are just AMAZING. Kelly, I really think you'll rise just fine to the challenge - I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  9. Oh, wow, I am bowled over by the Fern Hill fabric! Beautiful! I can see why you fell off the wagon, and got back to your feet clutching that panel! LOL
    Jacque In SC

  10. Your photos are gorgeous and really inspirational! Thanks for posting them!

  11. What Wunny-FULL pictures...I was living vicariously while viewing them. But, I'm sure you had WAY more fun!! LUCKY DUCK!! It looks like soooo much excitement, so many things to learn - or want to learn! I SO-SEW want to stamp on fabric. Did they say if there was a reason they used the wood carved stamps instead of the rubber ones?
    ...was it longevity?



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