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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

International Quilt Festival, Cincinnati 2011 Last Chapter

Lots more photos and information to share about know I take a zillion pictures everywhere I go.

While walking down an isle I spotted the Laundry Basket Quilts booth and I got excited because I knew I'd find some familiar faces.  I saw Michael and a young woman from the back....hmmmm.  Inquiring minds wanted to know...but when the young woman turned around I knew she had to be Edyta's daughter.  Michael and Delfina were working the Laundry Basket Quilts booth because Mom was home with the other two children who were on spring break. 
Nice to see them having some Daddy and Daughter time!
This is Applique Affair, one of my favorite patterns by Edyta Sitar.  And while I'm on the subject of Edyta....guess who has a pattern featured in the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest, Perfect for Precuts?
Anna Sitar, Edyta's youngest daughter!!!!  Way to go Anna :) 
"Oh Anna, your quilt is so pretty and I'm glad you had the desire and courage to make a quilt and submit the photos for publication....nice job!"

As I walked the isles in Cincinnati I came upon another friendly and familiar face......
Karen Montgomery from The Quilt Company, PA.  She was demonstrating her Creative Grids Quick Trim Ruler before I walked up. 
When I was speaking with Karen at the Checker Distributors 62nd Anniversary Open House, she told me she does not like "one hit wonders."  This is what she calls rulers with only one purpose. 
The Quick Trim Ruler not only makes circles it also has a 45 degree angle that cross at the quarter inch to trim points from half square triangles and flying geese.   It is also great for making the blocks pictured below.

 LuLu Bears were new to me and I could not help but stop and marvel at Luann Bowen's Bears.
 They had sold so many items that they were apologizing for their display and I laughed.  I loved it and I had no clue how it looked when the show started. 
 Look at these beautiful strawberries....they looked so yummy.   The bears stole my heart....I only wished I had taken more close-ups of them.
 Click here and here  to see more of LuLu gotta see them :)

Then....much to my delight I ran into the Pieceful Designs booth. 

I was so excited when I saw these cupcakes I begged Pam Bocko to please let me take photos for my blog.  I just had to share these with everyone.....look how beautiful these cupcake pincushions are.....

"With a Cherry On Top" is the name of this pattern and if you love cheerful pincushions, click here to buy the pattern from Pieceful Designs.

Pam did not know me from Adam and yet she allowed me to photograph her booth and cupcakes.  I'm thrilled Pam trusted me.  Many people take the photos and then copy the designs.  I now know enough pattern designers to tell you that copying their patterns  is really a bad choice.  So much time, energy and finances go into taking a pattern to market ....keep that in mind when you think to yourself...hey I could do's not that easy and it is so important to honor the designers creativity.

Ok....I'm finished with the Cincinnati photos for now.  I did take more but I'm going to share those when I have more information to go with them.



  1. You get to have way too much fun seeing all those wonderful booths. Really beautiful creations and different from the normal things I have seen.


  2. Have I told you how much I appreciate your insights? You have such a great eye for talented people and beautiful things. Inspirational. Love those yummy cupcakes.


  3. I'm thinking of heading down to Knoxville for the show this summer.

    I remember how you squeed with delight when you saw those cupcakes. Seriously. Kelly squeed....

    She's got a pincushion thing, ya know!


  4. I love those pincushions! My daughter-in-law loves working with felt...I wonder if she would make me one if I bought the pattern for her?

  5. All good stuff - I love all the detail on the pin cushions!

  6. Looks like you had a great time. Nice pictures. I think I am going to make it to Houston this year. I hear you need to having your walking shoes on because there is so much to see.

  7. I swear, one day you're gonna find your suitcase is waaaay too heavy to lift. And on that day, you'll open it to find me like a genie in a bottle, just itchin to get out & be your ever humble & faithful servant you take everywhere!

    But, since I haven't made it out of Texas in over 2 years now, thank you for allowing me to travel through your pics & stories! You ever thought of narrating story hour at your local library - methinks you'd be PERfect!

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful works with us!

  8. What just amazes me all the work that is put into theses booths...and you for telling us about them...thanks!

  9. Next time, you're going to have to come up here and get me before you go. This looks too wonderful! I love the cupcakes!


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