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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Antique Quilt Collection of Patti Shores in Wyalusing PA...and More

Back home but clearly my mind and pix are still in PA!  Below is something I took a photo of from Nanny's house.  She had this sitting on a table in her living room and I always loved it....thought I'd share this picture with others who would appreciate the sentiment.
This is a view from Waylusing Rocks....isn't it absolutely beautiful there?
Here the boys are throwing skippers down at Homets Ferry.
This is a photo of what we can see from the deck of our cabin...our little paradise in PA.

Ok, now on to the quilts!!!  This was hanging in the lobby of the Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce.
The Blue Heron Gallery is hosting "The Antique Quilt Collection of Patti Shores from May 6-June 12, 2011".  These are the photos I took of the show.  I did take pictures of the descriptions next to the quilts but they did not come out as clear as I would have liked so I omitted them from the post.

The show was really neat and again I'm so grateful that Peggy De Martino gave me the tour...Thanks Peggy!!



  1. Great pictures Kelly. I appreciate the one from your back porch at the cabin. I love nature pics. The quilts were amazing!

  2. What a great show of quilts - love that one red diamond out of place, it gives me hope, lol!

  3. This looks like a dream vacation! Beautiful scenery plus quilts!
    I love the quilts. Thanks for posting them. I especially like the yo-yo quilt.

  4. Makes me feel as though I have been in the attic with my Mom and Great Grandma. My husband's family has a Crazy Quilt from way back in the 1800's that is to die for beautiful! It has been framed specially for posterity as some of the silks were showing wear.

    Wonderful scenery from Pa. We used to live in NE Ohio...............Alabama for the past 32yrs. Love the hills/mountains and white beaches of the Gulf.

  5. Nice! I love that crazy quilt with all the embroidery on it.

  6. Whoo hoo! I feel like I've been on a mini vacation...what? I'm still here, chained to my desk! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilt show and the lovely surroundings in PA.
    Jacque in SC


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