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Monday, June 13, 2011

Applique Giveaway & Master Applique and Hand Applique Follow Up

Before I go any further, I need to clarify something I wrote in my post about Mary Jane's Baltimore Album quilt.  The center block is an Elly Sienkiewicz design, the leaves and berries surrounding the block is what I was supposed to point out as being MJ's design.  I sincerely apologize to Elly.  Thankfully Elly didn't catch this and write to me....I'd have been so embarrassed!

I loved reading all the comments about Mary Jane's Baltimore Album Quilt.  So many of you guessed correctly, my favorite is block number 9, the one with the bird. 

I put everyone who left a comment into a little bag and drew out a name. 

A great gift for applique just might be a wonderful 4" pair of Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors....and the name I drew out was.....SARA! (I'll give ya three days after that...I'll draw another name)

Sara, e-mail me with your full name and address and I'll send you Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors....might I just add that Karen's Perfect Scissors honestly rock big socks....truth!

Thanks for reading and leaving comments :)



  1. Hi Kelly. I just came over from Stash Manicure. These look like wonderful scissors. Can they really cut through 8 pieces of fabric? I'm now following your blog.

  2. Congratulations to Sara!
    Now if i can get my machine to stop making nests, I might get some sewing done.


  3. Congratulations, Sara! These are wonderful scissors.

  4. I HEART IHAN:) Visiting from Stash Manicure - and would love to take a try at those scissors.

  5. Visiting from stash manicure. What a beautiful baltimore quilt.

  6. Congratulations to Sara!

    MJ really is the best (and at more than just applique)!

  7. HI KElly, Madam sent me
    thanks for the wonderful info on applique
    carol craven

  8. That's a gorgeous quilt! Congrats to the winner!

  9. Congrats to Sara, but hoping she doesn't contact you so I get a second chance! Cause as I recall those are some awesome scissors.

  10. I am visiting from Stash Manicure, am a new follower and have subscribed to your posts. Thanks for the giveaway on Freda's post.

  11. I came over from Stash Manicure and sure like what I see. I love the quilt and the scissors look so nifty.

  12. Yay Sara! I've seen those scissors in action and they are awesome! Yipeee!

  13. I am excited about the scissors lol... is that sad... lol... alannahmae at gmail dot come

  14. Looks like I'm too late for the giveaway! Oh well, had too much on my list today to be able to read my blogs.... :)
    Hmmm...blogger won't take my name, so I'm Darlene B at

  15. Such a gorgeous quilt - no matter who designed it, right? *G* Congrats to Sara!

  16. Congratulations, Sara!! Enjoy your new pair of scissors - they look like a nice pair!

  17. Congratulations to Sarah. And thanks to Kelly for a delightful giveaway and insights on wonderful scissors.


  18. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for posting pics from the Wyalusing show - I will definitely take that detour next year!


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