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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quilted Corners of Wyalusing PA

Talk about being lucky....I walked into the Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce and who did I meet but Peggy DeMartino.  She is the gal who started the Quilted Corners Project in Wyalusing PA.

The "Quilted Corners of Wyalusing" is a public art project bringing the spirit of the arts to our community and revealing community-wide expression of our farming and quilting heritage to those who tour our area, benefiting present and future generations.  (copied from the Chamber of Commerce for the link)

I was able to tour the current show, "The Antique Quilt Collection of Patti Shores" in Blue Heron Gallery and see where the quilt blocks are made for the barns.  More on that in the next post....I'm still doing laundry from our trip :)

First things first.....I promised to post photos of the quilt blocks on barns in'll be thrilled to see people don't just have them on barns :)  These are in no particular order....I just snapped as I drove around town.  Enjoy :)


  1. That tour was on my things to do list last summer and we never got to it. I am definitely taking the tour this summer!

  2. Love the barn blocks, sounds like a nice place to visit.


  3. Excellent, I even saw a block I want to sew!

  4. I am so impressed with your Barn Quilts! And one on a church even!! Now we're talking :-)

  5. Thanks for showing us these! I so want to get some up in my my spare time I could organize it, right? LOL
    Jacque in SC

  6. I wish I could convince the ranchers around here to put quilt designs up on their barns! Or at least on horse blankets or something!

  7. One of those is even at a local winery -- there are some nice wines there!

  8. I just loved all of the blocks....awesome. I was thrilled when we were traveling this last time and saw two barn blocks....wasn't fast enough with the camera tho.

  9. Wow! I love that the quilt blocks are showing up everywhere! My Mom wants one on her barn (but the barn needs a good painting and some upkeep). Maybe I will suggest she put one on the side of the house!

  10. You have enough info here to write a book...great shots Kelly...

  11. Love it! I've been trying to get Gladys to do one on her barn in TN.

    Hope that laundry pile has gone away. I'm off to a quilt show after I ship out a package, and make a trip to Ikea.

  12. I grew up in a town near Wyalusing. The painted barn are really an nice touch for a country town.
    Loved your photos.

  13. I love that! I wonder if the husband would let me paint a quilt block on the front our house? Maybe I'll just make a small one for next to the front door. I think they are beautiful.

  14. Wow...looks like they are all over town! Love it!

  15. How beautiful - the quilt blocks AND the scenery!

  16. Hi Kelly. I say you like #4 or #9. Which is it? Guess which one is my favorite. That's right it is a great block with 2 boys, a man with his cap and cute d-o-g. That's MY fav.

    FYI - Scissor Fobs are on their way. New and exciting designs. Can't wait for you to show them!

    Keep up the great work.

    Tracy Lou

  17. Hi Kelly,

    I enjoyed your blog very much. Thank you for sharing.

    Patty Price

  18. Wonderful Barn Quilts. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing.



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